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                 Wado and USA Karate

Doug Jepperson
Doug Jepperson
                             Dear Wado Karateka

I hope all of you are looking forward to a great Thanksgiving Holiday and a prosperous Holiday season.


In my last column I wrote about the USANKF and the Wado Technical Committee. Since this is a sport organization I have to address Karate as a sport. For too long sport has been misunderstood in martial arts. We seem to embrace competition at the exclusion of everything else, or avoid competition because it will taint our efforts in the pursuit of budo.


One of the goals of the Wado Technical Committee is to introduce Wado instructors and students to sport concepts while preserving the traditional side of Wado Ryu karate-do.


I found it was easy to write this down as a goal and much more difficult to put it into practice.  Some of the stereotypes I found are that folks that like sport karate believe marching in rice lines will kill your dojo, quicker than an egg cooks in August on the streets of Arizona.


Instructors that teach strictly traditional karate feel like sport weakens the character of their students. These instructors want to train alone and only teach the "death touch".


There is even a third group that competed when they were young but are reluctant to have their students compete, for a variety of reasons, including financial.


As I mentioned these are stereotypes and of course do not represent most of the serious Wado instructors.


So my unscientific survey was like going in the backyard and shaking one of the trees to see what falls out. Well I can tell you, a lot more 
fell than I planned on cleaning up.


But instead of dragging you into my leaf pile, all be it very colorful up here in Park City, I will just share my perception of what I am hearing from Wado instructors in the USA.


As I listened to my friends it seems to me the Traditional Wado instructors, (their description of themselves), want to preserve the principles of Wado. They believe the emphasis of traditional Wado karate is about character development. Students have to exhibit honor, sincerity, respect, loyalty, politeness, veracity, bravery and benevolence, the character traits of the samurai code of bushido. Most of these instructors value the repetitive movements that take on a meditative quality if you practice correctly.


Sport karate is often viewed as all about the trophies, winning at any costs. A lot of the reputable martial arts marketing firms recommend that professional school owners avoid karate competition. The thought is that this is primarily a negative enterprise, more people lose than win. The rules are always changing, hard to understand and rarely implemented fairly.


When a martial artist concentrates solely on competition, he/she misses one of the most important components of the martial arts, which are its control and mental discipline. Once these factors are removed, all that is left is a competitive sport. Gone is the sense of honor and respect that comes from its existence as a traditional warrior discipline.


In my opinion Sport Karate and traditional karate are not mutually exclusive rather I believe if you offer both in your dojo the components of endeavor in each enhances the understanding of the other.


We have a number of Masters in the true sense in American sport. Coach John Wooden, the greatest Collegiate Basket ball coach in history, valued character development over winning. In an interview Bill Walton related that in four years of training under coach Wooden, Walton never once heard the coach say "we need to win this game." In fact he never mentioned winning as any sort of goal or outcome. "Coach would stress doing our best, performing in a game as we practiced as being the goal.


Coach Wooden in in autobiography said he enjoyed practice more than games.


Sounds a lot like Budo, to me.


If we praise the work of our students instead of the outcome, then the students will adjust their focus properly. In my own experience, I was never afraid of losing, because I had seen great competitors lose. I was not afraid of getting hurt, that simply was not possible in my mind, even though I did get hurt. Which only leaves respect. That is what I wanted was the respect of the people I trained with. I know this feeling is not unique to me, Sam Sheridan in his book A Fighter's Heart mentioned time and time again as he traveled and visited martial arts the world  over the point he noticed was that serious competitors were not hung up on victory, but on earning respect of their peers.


If we present sport concepts with the correct understanding of human nature, we can preserve Budo and help our students enjoy the best parts of competition.


Doug Jepperson

USA Karate
Wado Technical Director 
Park City Karate
Suzuki Cup Tournament 
Suzuki Sensei
The 2010 Suzuki Cup will be held November 12 and 13 in Plano, Texas.
There will be a USA KARATE referee seminar and certification Friday, November 12. Also weigh in for kilo divisions 6-8pm.
Competition is on Saturday, November 13. SPECIAL NOTE: Registration online only.

Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center

     7120 Dallas Parkway

     Plano, Texas 75024



It is strongly recommended guests stay at the Tournament Hotel.  The Competitor Check in, Referee Course and weigh-in will be at this location.

Contact information:  Brody Burns
                               Dojo: 972-424-8870
Brody Burns
Brody Burns
       Cell: 469-233-0968
Please put this excellent tournament on your calendar and plan to attend.
WIKF Seminars and Dan ExamsWIKF Logo 
The Academy of Classical Karate, the host and promoter of the Suzuki Cup held November 12 and 13 in Plano, Texas, is also pleased to announce that it will be hosting the International Technical Committee of the WIKF. The WIKF Technical Committee is comprised of some of the most senior and qualified instructors trained personally by Tatsuo Suzuki.  The Technical Committee was appointed by Tatsuo Suzuki, founder of the Wado International Karatedo Federation (WIKF), and tasked with maintaining the standards and technical knowledge of Wado throughout the world.  Members include Jon Wicks (England), Ken Corrigan (Canada), Tom Kosslow (USA), Arturo Girona (Guatemala), Pedro Rodriguez (Venezuela), Wim Massee (Spain) and Joaquim Gonclave (Portugal).  Members of the Technical Committee will be teaching seminars at the Academy of Classical Karate in Plano, Texas starting Tuesday, November 9, 2010, before the Suzuki Cup with a WIKF Dan Grading concluding the seminars on Friday, November 12, 2010.  The seminars are a great opportunity to train with fellow Wado practitioners from across the United States.  The training seminars are open to all Wado practitioners regardless of political or organizational affiliation.  For more information about attending the training, please contact Brody Burns at bburns@planodojo.com."
Brody Burns
Wado Kai Black Belt Seminar Santo Domingo

Wado Kai logo 
About the seminar:

Our Wadokai Black Belt Seminar Santo Domingo is a  seminar designed for practitioners from all Wado groups reguardless of political or ideological differences. Focusing in a educational exchange in a friendly atmosphere of camaraderie, cooperation and mutual respect. Although it is an event aimed at experienced practitioners is also considered the participation of students from beginner to intermediate. This aims to be a yearly event in which a high-level Wado instructor will always be invited.

Dates and Location:
The event is confirmed to be held on 12, 13 and 14 of next November in the city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. 
Bob Nash
Guest Instructor: 
Bob Nash, 7th Dan JKF-Wadokai     

Information Packet: 

Our information packet is a document that will provide specific information about our seminar. At times you will find information on the clinics, hotels, conference costs, method of payment and other useful information. To download the document click here or visit www.wadokai-rd.com. You need to have installed Adobe Reader version 7 or higher to open the document.
For information please contact Mr.Frank Abreu :
Cell: 809.604.9028
Frank Abreu
 Fax: 809.960.3403
Email: info@wadokai-rd.com                 

Wado Kai Seminar Por Wado Kai



















The  seminar is Nov 27 and 28  near Lisbon, Portugal. 
Contact info : Marco Pinto  marco.pinto@bushikai.eu 

samuriiWado Seminar 
Friday, December 10, 2010

             6:00pm - 8:30pm 

Wado Seminar--Scottsdale, Arizona USA.

Instructors Butch Balingit and Doug Jepperson will cover Wado kata and kihon kumite. All Wado enthusiasts are welcome.

$25 per participant
For registration or additional event information contact Tyler Warren at


W i n t e r   S e m i n a r
10,11 and 12 December 2010
Sassenheim - Netherlands



Bob Nash
Bob Nash

Bob Nash 7e DAN
Chief instructor of Guseikai WADOKAI - USA
2e Kyu Instructor licence, JKF Wadokai Japan



Subscription Limited Seminar:

You can subscribe via mail: info@tenno.nl or telephone +31 (0)6 - 284 597 26

Subscription is to the max of 25 persons for Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Be in time.


For more details of this seminar inquire at above contact information 



Wado Kai logoWado Kai Seminar 

Takahashi Sensei
With Sensei Takahashi

Open to all Wado practitioner

Friday, February 4, 2011
5:00pm - 7:30pm

Scottsdale Martial Arts Center, Inc.
9151 E. Bell Rd.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 USA

Pre-registration: $25 per student (closes 1-15-2011)
Day of event      $50  per student

Seminar: Wado movement and concepts

For more information or to sign up for seminar, contact Tyler Warren at
twarren@smacus.com. or call 1-480-951-2716

Wado Conference 
Wado Ryu LogoWado Kai LogoIndependent Wado LogoWIKF Logo 

The 4th Wado Conference is scheduled for 2011. The Wado Conference is an event where Wado instructors and students from all Wado organizations, including independents, come together to train and exchange ideas.

The first two conferences were held in Park City, Utah and the third held in Scottsdale, Arizona. The next location has not yet been determined. 

More information to follow.
AW photo
Ray Hughes rhughes@smacus.com
Doug Jepperson jeppersondoug@comcast.net

Wado Seminar
Berliner Karate Verband e. V.

Special Training Course:

"The Connection between Wado Ryu and Shindo Yoshin Ryu" 


Wado Ryu, founded by Hironio Ohtsuka, is based on two pillars: Shindo Yoshin Ryu and Karate.
The training seminar conveys the historical connection of Wado Ryu and Shindo Yoshin Ryu and offers an extensive understanding of the motivation of Hironio Ohtsuka and WadoRyu.

Bob Nash
Bob Nash


Instructed by:

Bob Nash (USA)

Ryu7. Dan JKF Wadokai


Toby Threadgill (USA)

Menkyo Kaiden, Takamura-Ha Shindo Yoshin

February 26 nd - February 28 th 2011 in Berlin



 Berliner Karate Verband e. V., Consultant of Wado Ryu Christina Gutz


 Berliner Karate Verband e. V. and Wadokai Deutschland Sohonbu e. V.


Christina Gutz, Tel. +49 (0)30 6937316,
mail to Ch.Gutz@gmx.de
Internet: www.berliner-karate-verband.de 



 Sports hall OSZ Handel 1, Wrangelstraße 98/Zeughofstraße,
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Bahnhof Görlitzer Bahnhof
Entry sports hall: Zeughofstraße

Participants:  Wado-Ryu-Karateka and all interested persons in Martial Arts.

Date and Time:2011-02-26  10:00 am - 6:00 pm
                      2011-02-27 Call for training times 
                       2011-02-28 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
                       Training for instructors                            and black belts:Bob Nash

Location: Sportschule Nippon, Mittelstraße 34, 12167 Berlin

Fee Whole course: 40 €, day only: 25 €.

Reduction for children, youth, students, unemployed person: total fee minus 5 € off.

· The training course is an official course for German instructors and examiners.

The organizers disclaim any liability.


Geschäftsstelle - Priesterweg 4 - 10829 Berlin - Tel. +49 (0)30 7814027

Consultant of Wado Ryu Christina Gutz


Sunsplash Gasshuku

Shiomitsu Sensei

August 11th-14th 2011, Orlando, Florida

M.Shiomitsu Sensei, 9th Dan Hanshi

Enjoy the sunshine holiday of a lifetime in Florida and meet Wado friends from around the world!


Visit all the best of Orlando's

attractions: Disney World, MGM,

universal Studios and much

more all within 20 minutes of

your hotel.


Training Daily from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00

noon leaves the whole day free for fun!


Hotel Accommodations provided

by the Embassy Suites Hotel,

International Drive, Orlando.


Large Rooms available with

excellent rates (limited numbers available

- book early). Special rates will be

honored for the duration of your stay

before and after the course  

Shiomitsu Sensei, 9th Dan Hanshi, will be instructing over the four days.

Training is from 9am till 12 noon. Plenty of time to visit theparks, shop and eat. There will be a trip to the beach. All kinds of food and restaurants to suit everyone's tastes. There will be Wado friends from around the world there. Last time there were Americans, Canadians, Australians, English, Scottish and Norwegians. Bring the KWAGs, that means Karate Wives And Girlfriends! This is the best way to combine training and holiday.

             Orlando, Florida USA
             Tyrone Pardue  e-mail: tyronepardue@mac.com
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2011 Wado Conference USA
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Wado Ryu Seminar Florada USA
Featured Article "Who's Next?"
"Who's Next?"
Ray Hughes
Ray Hughes


As I have grown older, I often think of who will be next to pick up the Wado torch when we old guys move on to the great Wado dojo in the sky.  Will it be practitioners that have no Wado technical skills but are great businessmen?  Or will it be condescending, highly technical individuals who can't even balance their books.  Either way would be a bleak outlook for Wado.

For Wado to positively thrive in the future, we will need our best young minds going forward.  We need our future leaders to be the ones that are the most passionate for Wado, have the highest technical skills, the sharpest business minds, charismatic, worldly, and have the overall skills to unite. They need to be allowed to make a good income or they will go into other fields and Wado will suffer.

Our Wado seniors inadvertently made an unintentionally mistake with many of us when they subconsciously taught us that making money (a descent living) was bad and evil. Because of that we lost many great Wado minds that went into other fields.  In addition, for those of us that made a career teaching Wado, we have been hampered by those influences. 

I know this topic makes the Wado traditionalist cringe.  I get it.  But we need to think about the future of Wado today.  So encourage your students to consider teaching Wado as a career.  Give them all the opportunities to be successful and not inadvertently bias them negatively about making a descent living.

The point is that we Wado people need to support each other for the betterment of Wado as a whole.  As we support each other we can teach our young minds how to take the best out of a Wado event.  We are mentors.  We have confidence in ourselves as instructors and don't fear our students learning something new from another source.  It is our responsibility to teach our young Wado enthusiasts how to maneuver through the Wado world and to continue to grow as Wado practitioners.  So rather than isolating them from other Wado concepts, encourage them to learn from all.  As I have said before, we are all family. 

The mission of this newsletter is to disseminate Wado information to the Wado enthusiast in an unbiased and non political format.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and encourage you to send in any Wado information you would like placed in it. For a better article presentation, please send in a photo of the instructor and/or event organizer with your information. 

Please send in concise information with links to the small details of the event. 

 Also, we welcome any comments or input on this newsletter. Please send your information or comments to rhughes@smacus.com.

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