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Welcome to the world of Wado
Dear Wado Enthusiast

This newsletter is to help keep Wado enthusiasts informed of activities in Wado Ryu, Wado Kai, Wado Kokusai, and independent Wado groups in the United States and abroad. Please send your Wado event or activity with a photo of the instructor and/or event organizer by the 20th of the preceeding month to get your information in this newsletter. 
The first newsletter was received well. Our address list, primarily instructors at this time, has exceeded 500 Wado enthusiasts. Below are a couple responses we have received:
Many thanks for the "Wado" newsletter. I shall also be forwarding this along to all my Wado contacts here in the UK.
Gary E Swift 7th Dan Kyoshi
President & Chief Instructor
British Wadokai Karate
I wanted to take the time to complement you on this newsletter. I think it looks great and is a great idea to help foster lines of communications between Wado organizations across the US. I look forward to seeing more! 
Dale Gatchalian
Texas, USA 
We want to thank everyone for their positive e-mails.
Volunteers for Wado
                 Wado and USA Karate
Doug Jepperson
                             Dear Wado Karateka
In each newsletter I want to share with you thoughts of Wado in the USANKF, (now USA Karate).  Many of you may not know that USA Karate is a member of the United States Olympic Committee. 

So at this time I thought it would be propitious to share with you the
Mission the USA Karate Federation¹s President Mr. John DiPasquale has given to the Wado technical committee.

Our goal in the USA Karate federation is recruit more Wado practitioners to join the organization, initiate a Wado specific national championship, and introduce Wado students to WKF sport
concepts while preserving the traditional side of Wado karate-do.

I understand that not everyone believes in Sport Karate. We each have differences of opinion regarding certain technical points of Wado, but in Sport Karate we can find common ground. On this common ground we can build camaraderie among our peers and open a dialogue with other instructors, so that we have a variety of sources and ideas on teaching karate.

Think about attending the next USA Karate seminar or tournament in your area. Drop in and say hello. Everyone does not have to step on to the mat to be part of the USA Karate Federation. There is a terrific coaches program that provides progression and learning. We have a well-respected referee program that provides training and opportunities of growth as an official. Then of course our Wado Technical committee is dedicated to helping Wado practitioners become involved with USA Karate.

If you have any questions about membership or the next technical seminar, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Doug Jepperson
USA Karate
Wado Technical Director 
Park City Karate
Wado Kai Seminar
Bob Nash
Bob Nash


Wado Kai Training Course, September 2010 in Emeryville CA,

with Sensei Bob Nash, JKF Wado Kai 7th dan


 Sensei Nash is a long time student of Dr Hideho Takagi, 8th dan JKF and JKF Wado Kai. Takagi sensei is head of the Wado Kai Central Technical Committee.


Friday, September 24th at 6:30pm - 9pm.  

Saturday 12:30pm to 6:30pm

Sunday, September 26th 9am to 1pm.
Generally, a portion of basics will be covered each day along with a pinan kata and an advanced kata (chinto, seishan, etc.). The syllabus may change depending on the host's request.


The seminar will be held in Emeryville, CA at the:

Hoa Sen Dojo

4770 San Pablo Avenue, Unit B

Tel (510) 428 1979


Cost $160 for all 3 days (4 sessions) or $40 per session.




The best place to stay is the Hilton Garden Inn, Emeryville (www.hiltongardeninn.com). Rate is $89 for a king or double room. Note there is a $5 charge for overnight parking. Tel: 877 782 9444.


The Woodfin Suites Hotel is an alternative (www.woodfinhotelemeryville.com). Rate is $104 for a king or double suite. Tel: 888 433 9042.


Please quote "UCBerkeley karate" when making your reservation.




The closest airport is Oakland International (OAK). San Francisco International (SFO) is also close by.


If you have any questions please feel free to call or email at bell.desmond24@gmail.com.



Hope to see you here in California,


Des Bell                                              Judy Harte

JKF Wadokai 5th dan                          JKF Wadokai 5th dan             

Cell: (415) 734 6925                           Tel: (510) 524 83
Suzuki Cup Tournament 
Suzuki Sensei
The 2010 Suzuki Cup will be held November 12 and 13 in Plano, Texas.
There will be a USA KARATE referee seminar and certification Friday, November 12. Also weigh in for kilo divisions 6-8pm.
Competition is on Saturday, November 13. SPECIAL NOTE: Registration online only.

Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center

     7120 Dallas Parkway

     Plano, Texas 75024



It is strongly recommended guests stay at the Tournament Hotel.  The Competitor Check in, Referee Course and weigh-in will be at this location.

Contact information:  Brody Burns
                               Dojo: 972-424-8870
Brody Burns
Brody Burns
       Cell: 469-233-0968
Please put this excellent tournament on your calendar and plan to attend.
The Wado Kai Karatedo World Cup 2010

Japan won the gold medal at the World Wado Cup 2010 held in Nagoya, Japan August 14 and 15. Russia took the silver medal while Spain and Iran took the bronze. The United States team tied for 5th.  Kurobane Sensei said he was please with the teams performance and is looking forward to the next World Cup.

 It is however understood that the US men's team did beat the Japanese housewives team in volley ball. The two foot height advantage had nothing to do with this great victory. As stated by team member Tyler Warren  "they were very tough; it took us to the very last point to win. But we prevailed".Woman 
On a serious note, the team members want to express their gratitude to Sensei Kurobane and Sensei Tanabe for a well organized trip. Their professionalism and most importantly their humor made for a very great trip.
Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!  
WIKF Seminars and Dan Exams 
The Academy of Classical Karate, the host and promoter of the Suzuki Cup held November 12 and 13 in Plano, Texas, is also pleased to announce that it will be hosting the International Technical Committee of the WIKF. The WIKF Technical Committee is comprised of some of the most senior and qualified instructors trained personally by Tatsuo Suzuki.  The Technical Committee was appointed by Tatsuo Suzuki, founder of the Wado International
Karatedo Federation (WIKF), and tasked with maintaining the standards and technical knowledge of Wado throughout the world.  Members include Jon Wicks (England), Ken Corrigan (Canada), Tom Kosslow (USA), Arturo Girona (Guatemala), Pedro Rodriguez (Venezuela), Wim Massee (Spain) and Joaquim Gonclave (Portugal).  Members of the Technical Committee will be teaching seminars at the Academy of Classical Karate in Plano, Texas starting Tuesday, November 9, 2010, before the Suzuki Cup with a WIKF Dan Grading concluding the seminars on Friday, November
12, 2010.  The seminars are a great opportunity to train with fellow Wado practitioners from across the United States.  The training seminars are open to all Wado practitioners regardless of political or organizational affiliation.  For more information about attending the training, please contact Brody Burns at
Brody Burns
Wado Conference
Bob NashBob NashBob NashWIKF 
The 4th Wado Conference is scheduled for 2011. The Wado Conference is an event where Wado instructors and students from all Wado organizations, including independents, come together to train and exchange ideas.
The first two conferences were held in Park City, Utah and the third held in Scottsdale, Arizona. The next location has not yet been determined. 
More information to follow.
Wado Seminar
Friday, December 10, 2010
beltsWado Seminar--Scottsdale, Arizona.
Instructors Butch Balingit and Doug Jepperson will cover Wado kata and kihon kumite. All Wado enthusiasts are welcome. More information to follow. 
Wanted WKF Score Board 
I am looking for one to three WKF score boards.
Please contact Ray Hughes at rhughes@smacus.com.
UKPKS-B portable karate scoreboards
In This Issue
Wado and USA Karate
Wado Kai seminar
Suzuki Cup
Wado Kai World Cup 2010 results
WIKF Seminars and Dan Grading
2011 Wado Conference
Wado Seminar
Wanted - WKF score board
Featured Article "What should the priority be in Wado"
"What should the priority be in Wado?"
AW photo
Ray Hughes

In my opinion the priority should be the successful propagation of traditional Wado. Wado is such a wonderful system, we have to be careful not to let it get diluted over time. Wado has positively changed our lives and we want that same influence for future generations.


 During the 35 years I have been involved in Wado, most of the problems I have seen have revolved
around communication issues. Great empires have collapsed because of communication problems. This newsletter was developed to help in this area. 

 Most of us have moved beyond judging others in Wado and want to support all Wado events. We can look past the small technical differences between Wado groups and see the positives that are being offered.  Many Wado instructors and students travel and would like to know what Wado activities (regardless of organization affiliation) are going on. They would love to stop and train at these events and expand their Wado knowledge. 

So I strongly urge you to send in any information on upcoming Wado events. You may be surprised who drops in.

The mission of this newsletter is to disseminate Wado information to the Wado enthusiast in an unbiased and non political format.
I hope you enjoy this newsletter and encourage you to send in any Wado information you would like placed in it. For a better article presentation, please send in a photo of the instructor and/or event organizer with your information. 
 Also, we welcome any comments or input on this newsletter. Please send your information or comments to rhughes@smacus.com.
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