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"The only difference between the possible and impossible is one's will"

-Hironori Ohtsuka

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Suzuki Sensei


 Rest in Peace

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This newsletter is to help keep Wado enthusiasts informed of activities in Wado Ryu, Wado Kai, Wado Kokusai, and independent Wado groups in the United States and abroad. Please send your Wado event or activity with a photo of the instructor and/or event organizer by the 20th of the preceding month to get your information in this newsletter. Please send your text in a Word document and pictures in small jpeg files, thank you.

In addition,
we will publish editorials, articles, or any other important Wado information that will help the Wado enthusiast. Please send a photo of the author with the article.

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One of the most difficult areas that this newsletter has to deal with is the use of instructor titles. We are very sensitive to this issue and do not want to offend or insult anyone.  To simplify this daunting problem we will use the following guidelines with the use of instructor titles:

a. The correct title of the instructor(s) must be in the article or seminar information submitted by the author or event organizer.


b. All captions that we place under photos will be:

       1. Japanese instructors: Last name followed by the title Sensei.

       2. Non-Japanese instructors: The title Sensei followed by the last name of the instructor.


c. Any title and name that is placed in this newsletter by newsletter staff will use the title of Sensei.


We consider the title "Sensei" a very prestigious title.
Suzuki Sensei 
Suzuki Sensei
by Doug Jepperson


I am the WIKF guy on the Wado Newsletter list of editors so I need to write something relevant about my Sensei. And I struggle. Every story I think of is personal I am not certain I want to share those personal moments one has with his or her Sensei.


As to his story, everything that could be said has been said about Sensei Suzuki.


Forget the accolades he received over the years - I do not believe he cared much about these. Forget about money, he never cared much about it.


In this day of self-promotion, elevated titles and rank, he asked only to be called Sensei. His last promotion was 40 years ago.


"He did not go gentle into that good night,

His old age did burn and rage at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light."


Though wise men at their end know dark is right; "Because his training"  forked the lightning "he" did not go gentle into that good night.


"Sensei had the last wave by showing how bright the light, his deeds did dance in the green bay. He always raged against the dying of the light."


"Sensei was a wild man who caught and sang the sun in flight. Others who did not know him learned too late and the missed the light. But we know he did not go gentle into that good night."


Doug Jepperson1
Doug Jepperson

"Sensei, we are all grave men as we acknowledge your death. Our eyes are blinded by your light, wishing only to remember the moments with you." I know you raged against the dying of the light.


And now, Sensei you have left us. Your memory is burned into students and generations you will not know. But they will hear about how you raged against the dying of the light.


Forgive me Dylan Thomas,


Doug Jepperson


Suzuki Sensei 

Suzuki Sensei



by Peter May


The news of Suzuki sensei passing reached me early morning of Tuesday 12 July.

Like many occasions when you hear such sad news, you start to reflect. That morning I started to reflect. I thought about some of the times I had spent with him, and I imagine like most other students who practised with Suzuki sensei, I have many fond memories. Between us there must be more than a million different stories out there.

I first practised with Suzuki sensei around April of 1970, having started Wado in 1969 under the direction of Mr Fuji and Mr Hawakawa. My first impression of Suzuki sensei was his lack of English! However, when demonstrating he really didn't need expertise in the English language as everything he did was demonstrated with precision. He showed an intensity to pass on his knowledge to all students. We, as students, were meant to observe and try our best to replicate his techniques. Many students of Wado from the late sixties and early seventies will attest to the spirit that Suzuki sensei always insisted on in his training sessions; always leading from the front, never asking anything of a student that he would not do himself.

Many years later Frank Johnson held a testimonial for Suzuki sensei to celebrate his 30 years of teaching in England. Suzuki sensei spoke about his early years of teaching Wado to English students. He touched on his lack of English and how when he first came to England he only knew three words. These words were "I love you!" This raised a smile from many of the students at the testimonial and showed Suzuki sensei's dry sense of humour.

This memory of Suzuki sensei continues to repeat itself throughout Tuesday 12 and although a sad day, it continued to raising a smile; just as it had done the first time I heard him say it.

Peter May

Peter May

There are now many associations within England teaching Wado Karate. Each one, in one-way or another, can trace their heritage back to Suzuki sensei. Even if they never practised with him, their instructor, or their instructor's instructor will have. He left a legacy for all students of Wado and never wavered from his mission to spread Karate around the world. He always taught with a passion; his love for his art inspiring many students throughout the four decades he spent in the UK.

He will be sadly missed.


Something New !scroll


To help introduce the instructors of seminars listed in this newsletter, we will try to obtain and list their profiles at the end of that publication. 





Wado Summer Karate Course 2011


All Wado Karate trainees welcome

                              Venue; Gyomasndrod, Hungary

Date; Sunday 31st July - Friday 5th August 2011


Instructors; Y.Iwasaki - Principal of Wado Kenshu-Kai

       F.Sugasawa - Principal of Shiku-Kai



Front Row

Sugasawa Sensei 4th from left; Iwasaki Sensei 4th from right


Fee; Member - 85euro Full course, 20 euro daily

       45euro half course (3days)



Accommodation are available as below

(1) Youth Hostel; 10euro per night (6bed room), 15euro(4 bed room)

(2) Hars Hotel; 200euro per person per 7 night, B&B

Yoshi Iwasaki

Iwasaki Sensei

(3) *Feszek Pension; 315euro per 2 person per 7 nights. B&B

Those rate are for 2010 and may change rate in 2011

Hotel Booking fee 50euro (No returnable)

For further information, please contact to Y.Iwasaki

Tel 085 8016276 (Mobile), Email: yoshi.iwasaki@gmail.com


International Wado Kai Camp

Wado Kai logo

 Balatonboglar, Hungary


See Takagi Sensei's Profile at end of this newsletter


August 1 thru August 6, 2011
Dr. Hideho Takagi, 8th dan
Takagi Sensei

Takagi Sensei

Shinji Kohata, 7th dan
For more information







  Sorry we were unable to locate a Kohata Sensei photo. Domo arigato gozaimashita

2011 WFA Summer Training

Butch Balingit

Sensei Butch Balingit

 with Sensei Butch Balingit


Friday, August 5 at 4:00pm
Location: American Sports Karate


American Sports Karate

9950 Business Circle Suite -1

Naples, FL


Friday training: 4:00 -5:00 PM Kids Beginners
5:00-6:00 PM Kids advanced
6:00 - 8:00PM Adults
Saturday training: 9:00 - 12:00PM All Adults / Advanced Kids
1:30PM - 4:30PM Advanced Adults Only
Cost: $30.00 dollars for 1 sessions
$50.00 dollars for 2 sessions
$60.00 dollars for 3 or more
Please stay for the saturday night social events as this will be a great
Eric Masino

Sensei Eric Masino

opportunity to get to know fellow Wado and traditional karate practitioners from all around. Please email for hotel information.


Eric Masino




Sunsplash Gasshuku

Shiomitsu Sensei


See end of newsletter for Shiomitsu Sensei's profile.


August 11th-14th 2011, Orlando, Florida

M.Shiomitsu Sensei, 9th Dan Hanshi

Enjoy the sunshine holiday of a lifetime in Florida and meet Wado friends from around the world!


Visit all the best of Orlando's

attractions: Disney World, MGM,

universal Studios and much

more all within 20 minutes of

your hotel.


Training Daily from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00

noon leaves the whole day free for fun!


Hotel Accommodations provided

by the Embassy Suites Hotel,

International Drive, Orlando.


Large Rooms available with

excellent rates (limited numbers available

- book early). Special rates will be

honored for the duration of your stay

before and after the course  

Shiomitsu Sensei, 9th Dan Hanshi, will be instructing over the four days.

Training is from 9am till 12 noon. Plenty of time to visit theparks, shop and eat. There will be a trip to the beach. All kinds of food and restaurants to suit everyone's tastes. There will be Wado friends from around the world there. Last time there were Americans, Canadians, Australians, English, Scottish and Norwegians. Bring the KWAGs, that means Karate Wives And Girlfriends! This is the best way to combine training and holiday.

             Orlando, Florida USA
             Tyrone Pardue  e-mail: tyronepardue@mac.com


WIKF Wado Karate Seminars


WIKFSensei Jon Wicks

WIKF World Chief Instructor 


See Sensei Wicks profile at the end of this newsletter.


Wado syllabus including Ohyo Gumite,

Kihon Gumite, Idori (kneeling defense) Tanto Dori, (Knife defense) Tachi Dori, (Sword defense) and Kata.


 Seminars are open to all Wado practitioners   


Jon Wicks

Sensei Wicks



 August 8-14th 


World WIKF Championships, Dallas USA  

details from Brody Burns  Email: bburns@planodojo.com   




August 26-29th  


Norway Course  

details From Cato Bruaroy Email:b@wado.no 




September 8th-11th


Special VIP Spain Cantabria-España Course details from Wim Massee

Email:  Budo Club Paradiso - karate Wado Ryu y Jiu Jitsu > budoclub@albergue-paradiso.com


September 17th-18th


Northern Ireland Course

details from Bobby Hamilton > bhamilton75@hotmail.com 





We have not received a reply back on the status of this event.  We felt  we should leave it in until further notice.

Newletter staff 


Suzuki Sensei





WIKF Karate Course 



 See Suzuki Sensei's Profile at the end of the newsletter





Dear Wado friends,
First of all, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2011.
We take advantage of this occasion to inform you about the
IIV.I.P. wado karate course in Spain with Dr. Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi (phd).
The datum of the course will be from Thursday the 15th of September 2011 until Saturday the 17th of September 2011 (this course is a continuation of our classical summer course we did over 26 years).
The course will be open only from 3rd kyu (brown belt).
You can stay at the youthostel Paradiso (www.albergue-paradiso.com <http://www.albergue-paradiso.com> ). You have also the possibility to stay at a hotel or guesthouse nearby (we can help you to find out different options). Those people who have accommodation outside Paradiso have as well, like always, the possibility to take lunch or dinner at the youthostel.
The training will be at the sport hall nearby (sport hall of Hinojedo, 5 min. walk from Paradiso).

Budo Club Paradiso
(Wado International Karate-do Dojo, located at the Paradiso complex) has a beautiful 100 m2 dojo with a Japanese touch were you can practice by yourself during the free time as well as a new fitness area, swimming pool and is only 2km from the beach.
At this dojo, will be held the Dan grading as well.

The course schedule will be the next:
  Thursday 15th September: WIKF
          - Arriving
           - Lunch at youthostel:14:00h
           - Training: 17:00-20:00h
           - Dinner: 21:00h
    Friday 16th September:
          - Breakfast: 9:00h
           - Training: 10:00-13:00h                        
           - Lunch: 14:00h
           - Training: 18:00-20:00h
   Saturday 17th September:
          - Breakfast: 9:00
           - Training: 10:00-13:00h
           - Lunch: 14:00h
           - Dan Grading (examination): 18:00-20:00h
           - Special Dinner: 21:00h
   Sunday 18th September:
          - Breakfast: 9:00h
           - Check out before 10:30h
price staying at the youthostel Paradiso is:
225 €/person (which includes, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, special dinner and training).
For those who are not staying at the youthostel Paradiso: 180 €/person (which includes, lunch, dinner, special dinner and training).
Only special dinner: 25 €/person.
Only karate training: 120 €/person.

There also exist the possibly to stay at the youthostel Parsdiso before the course starting date or after. The price will be: 30 €/person/day (includes: accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner).
Due to the places of accommodation at the youthostel are limited, those who are interested can make their reservation by email, phones or faxes on the below information.
We hope to see you again in Spain and have a nice time together.
Again, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2011.
Kind regards,
Wim and Miguel Massee.

Albergue Paradiso SL
Alojamiento turístico-Granja Escuela-Centro de Formación-Escuela de Tiempo Libre-Gimnasio
c/La Ermita 18
39350 Hinojedo (Suances)
Telf: (0034) 942 84 31 39
Fax: (0034) 942 82 33 96








Wado Kai logo

USA Wado

Pioneer Profile

This section will profile prominent U.S. Wado Instructors who have positively influenced Wado in the United States. They will be published as we receive them. If you are aware of an instructor that should be profiled in this section, please contact us.    


Hidetaka Abe

Abe Sensei

Hidetaka Abe


Abe Hidetaka Sensei was born in 1943 in Odate, which is located in Akita prefecture in northern Japan.


For six years, throughout middle school and high school, he studied Judo, achieving the rank of Nidan by the time he graduated. After graduation from high school, he left Odate to attend Meiji University in Tokyo, one of the premier private universities in Japan. He majored in agricultural economics, a subject suitable to the relatively rural nature of Odate and most of Akita Prefecture.


At Meiji, he began to study karate under Ohtsuka Hironori Sensei, the founder of Wado. Like many of the pioneers of Wado in the United States, while at Meiji he was a member of the university's karate club, which trained 6 days a week for 3-4 hours per day and also held week long special training camps in the Spring and Summer. His senior year, he served as co-captain of the Meiji University team that won the All Japan Collegiate Karate Championship in 1965, and he was named the Outstanding Competitor of the tournament. When he graduated, he held the rank of Nidan.   


Master Ohtsuka and Abe Sesnei

Abe Sensei and Master Ohtsuka

After graduation, he remained at Meiji for more than a year, serving as a coach for the karate club. Then, in 1967, he accepted an invitation from Ajari Yoshiaki Sensei to visit the United States and to assist Ajari Sensei for a year with the Wado organization he had established, as a result of which he became the primary instructor for the Cal Karate Club at U.C. Berkeley. A year later, in 1968, when a goodwill tournament between teams from Japan and the United States was held in San Francisco, Abe Sensei was asked to take part in a knife defense demonstration with Ohtsuka Sensei. Having the privilege of demonstrating Wado techniques with Ohtsuka Sensei affected him deeply, so that after his one year contract with Ajari Sensei expired he decided to remain in the United States and continue his study and practice of Wado karate.


He has continued to serve as the Chief Instructor for the Cal Karate Club (now known as the U.C. Karate Club) continuously since 1967. In addition, he started the Wado-kai Karate-do Association, USA, and began to teach karate at other colleges and schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 


In the 1970s, he contacted the instructors of karate clubs at other local universities and colleges and was one of the founders of the Northern California Collegiate Karate Union ("NCCKU"), which held regular karate tournaments and team competitions for a number of years in the Bay Area. Under Abe Sensei's coaching, the U.C. Berkeley team enjoyed considerable success within the NCCKU, including winning the championship two times in a row. Abe Sensei also took teams from his dojo and from U.C. Berkeley to compete in karate tournaments in Japan on five different occasions, including a team that competed in the Wado-Ryu World Championship Tournament held in 1984 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Wado.


In addition to taking teams to compete in Japan, Abe Sensei and the Cal Karate Club were visited several times by Ohtsuka Sensei and his son, both together and separately. Each visit was, of course, highly educational for Abe Sensei's students, who learned not only karate techniques but also gained important education in the traditions of Wado from its founder and his son.


Master Ohtsuka and Abe Sensei

Master Ohtsuka and Abe Sensei

In 1981, Abe Sensei was awarded the rank of Rokudan from the founder of Wado, and in 1991 he was awarded the rank of Nanadan (7th dan) in Wado-ryu by the founder's son, by then also known as Ohtsuka Hironori Sensei.


In 2006, Abe Sensei and his organization rejoined JKF Wado-kai, the organization originally founded by Ohtsuka Sensei. Although he held the rank of Nanadan in the Wado-ryu organization, he only held the rank of Godan in the Wado-kai organization. However, after undergoing testing in Japan he was awarded the rank of Rokudan. Recently, he has been involved in an effort to coordinate with some of the other Wado pioneers to continue in the United States the traditions of Wado-kai that he learned in Japan while studying under Ohtsuka Sensei at Meiji University.  

American Flag

USA Wado Competition Successes  
The following are Wado competitor black belt gold medal successes.  For lack of space we are unable to list all non-black belt Wado competitor successes from these major competitions. Please send in Wado competitor successes we missed.




2011 AAU National Championships

June 29, 2011, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 



         15 yr. Black Belt ippon kumite

                     Carter Moore - Florida Wado - Gold Medal

         15 yr. Black Belt sanbon kumite

                     Carter Moore-Florida Wado - Gold Medal

         13-15 yr. Advance Team Kumite-Carter Moore-Gold Medal

Masino Team

From left to right

13-15 yr. Advance Team Kumite Champions

Kyle Queenan, Austin Stone, Carter Moore, and Sensei Eric Masino



Carter Moore also was the Silver Medalist / Runner Up in WKF Kumite.
Carter place third in the 15 year old Team Trials at the USANKF Nationals in
Texas this year and as a result has been selected to the NKF National Team.
Carter is currently on the AAU National Team and placed 5th in kumite at the
WKC World Championships in Venice Italy last October. He is a student of Eric Masino, American Sport Karate. emasino@americansportskarate.com


         10 yr. Black Belt sanbon kumite

                     Reagan Moore - Florida Wado-Gold Medal


Reagan Moore competed in the 10 year old advanced division this year in the
AAU Nationals and won her fourth National Kumite Championship in a row. She
is also on the AAU National Team and placed 2nd in Kumite at the WKC World
Championships in Venice Italy in October of last year. She is a student of Sensei Eric Masino, American Sports Karate. emasino@americansportskarate.com


This school took 17 competitors this year to the AAU Nationals and won 23 medals, including 15 National Championships.   


  • 35+ Individual Kumite
    • Jeff Dodge Az Wado- Gold Medal
  • 40+ Individual Kumite
    • Sean Greene Az Wado- Gold Medal
  • 50+ Individual Kumite
    • Tim McClellan Az Wado- Gold Medal
  • 55+ Individual Kumite
    • Fred Erickson Az Wado- Gold Medal
  • 35+ Team Kumite
  • Team Arizona - National Champions
    • (Jeff Dodge, Sean Greene, Tim McClellan, Fred Erickson)


2011 USA NKF National Championships 

July 16, 2011, Arlington, TX


         Pepper Womack gold medal women's black belt TN Wado


          Wado Specific Kata
                     Tom Scott Tx Wado-Gold Medal
                      Cameron Sells Tx Wado-Silver Medal
                     Jon Groot Utah Wado-Bronze Medal 
          -75 Kilo and Open Kumite
                    Tom Scott Tx Wado-Gold Medal 

           50+ Individual Kumite

                     Tim McClellan Az Wado-Gold Medal

           55+ Individual Kumite

                     Fred Erickson Az Wado-Gold Medal

           35+ Team Kumite

                     Team Arizona

                            Jeff Dodge, Doug Corlew, Tim McClellan,FredErickson 


Wado team photo

Gold Medal - Team Arizona Wado

35+Team Kumite

Left to Right

Fred Erickson, Tim McClellan, Doug Corlew,

Jeff Dodge






























Other USA-NKF Wado successes

Maxine Lisot, Cameron Sells and Lindsey Kufel are all First Alternates on the US
Team by winning the bronze medal in team trials in kumite.

Rick Honrales is on the US Junior Team going to the Jr. Pan Americans in Brazil
by winning silver in his team trial weight category 14-15 years old.
Renee Cook is on the US Junior Team going to Brazil and the Jr. World
Championships in Malaysia by winning gold in the 16-17 age category.
Cesar Rangel is the first alternate on the US Jr. Team for 12-13 year old by
winning the bronze his first year in team trials. 

Tom Scott

Tom Scott


 Another outstanding Wado award: 



Tom Scott was presented with the Male Athlete of the year award by the President of the USA-NKF John DiPasquale



Other 2011 successes for Tom Scott  


 Tom Scott is the current #1 seat on the US Team for

-75 and Open and will be representing the
US at the Pan American Games in October.

Gold at the USA Open


Silver at the PKF


Gold at the North America Cup


Gold in his kilo and Gold in the Open division at this year's Nationals


Tom Scott is a Wado Kokusai practitioner under the instruction of Sensei Brody Burns in Plano, Texas.


UK Wado Competition Success UK Flag


Congratulations to Calum Robb who won the European Universities Karate Championship held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 22 - 25 July 2011. 


Calum represented the UK at the championships and is currently studying for  

a PhD at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. 



Calum Robb 3rd from right


He trains under the instruction of Hamish Adam

8th Dan with the Meadowbank Karate Group. He is from Haddington, East Lothian. 


Calum Robb is the Captain of the British Universities Karate Team, Scottish 'All Styles' Karate Team, Heriot Watt Karate Team, and the Meadowbank Karate Team. In February 2010, he was also made Captain of the British Karate Federation Team sent to take part in an International Team Championships.


Calum is also the reigning World & European 'Wado' Karate Champion, British & Scottish 'All Styles' Karate Champion, British & Scottish Universities Karate Champion, &World Universities Karate Bronze Medallist.


   To order      Koshiki no te Magazine 

 Koshiki  no te 2

Martial Art Humor




If you have any martial art humor you would like to share, please forward it to us. We all need a little humor in this world

Zen Stories  


Holy Man

Word spread across the countryside about the wise Holy Man who lived in a small house atop the mountain. A man from the village decided to make the long and difficult journey to visit him. When he arrived at the house, he saw an old servant inside who greeted him at the door. "I would like to see the wise Holy Man," he said to the servant. The servant smiled and led him inside. As they walked through the house, the man from the village looked eagerly around the house, anticipating his encounter with the Holy Man. Before he knew it, he had been led to the back door and escorted outside. He stopped and turned to the servant, "But I want to see the Holy Man!"

"You already have," said the old man. "Everyone you may meet in life, even if they appear plain and insignificant... see each of them as a wise Holy Man. If you do this, then whatever problem you brought here today will be solved." 



If you have any Zen stories you would like to share, please forward them to us. We all need a little Zen in our lives.

Preserving Traditional Wado Karate thoughout Great Britain

Check out this link for all activities in British WadoKai

Additional Wado Information

Please check out this link for additional Wado Information:

Suggested Tournaments for Wado competitors 









USA-NKF Zone Karate Tournament

Sunday August 7, 2011

Sacramento, Ca. USA

contact: Sensei Alex Miladi




WIKF World Championships, Dallas TX

http://www.planodojo.com/, contact Brody Burns, bburns@usankf.org







 Suzuki Cup

Nov. 12, Dallas TX,

Brody Burns 


Seminar Instructor Profile

Suzuki Sensei

Professor Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan Hanshi.

prepared by Doug Jepperson










Where do you start with a biography on this man? He has done everything, he is in a league by himself.


For Sensei's biography I will use his own words as much as possible.


Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki from his book a Fullness of Life in Karate....

I was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1928. My father was a fun loving man who enjoyed life to the full. He loved to cook, and owned a large restaurant. It was often hired by businessmen and local dignitaries for private parties where they could eat, drink and be entertained by Geisha.


This all came to and end when we were forced to move to the country to avoid American bombers during the war.  School life was hard, and senior students would often beat the younger children for no reason. It was very militaristic, we looked upon our teachers as gods, I suppose it was just like the Samurai and his Lord.


I desperately wanted to become a soldier but was too young.  I tried to join a naval academy but was rejected due to an eye problem.  In hindsight I was actually quite lucky as they were all training to be Kamikaze pilots but at the time I was devastated.  I was raised with the Bushido code, to die for my emperor and country would have been a great honor.


It was while at school that I had my first taste of martial arts.  We practiced Kendo every day.  When I was 14 years old I met one of my school friends older brother.  He had studied Wado Ryu Karate while at university; from then on whenever he came home I would ask him to teach me.  Eventually he agreed, it was all fighting - nothing technical.


It has been said the times in which we live forge our spirit.  As a young many Sensei Suzuki grew up in a tumultuous Japan. He mentions he was born in 1928, this is only five years after the great earthquake destroyed Tokyo.  This earthquake was so devastating it took ten years to rebuild the city. How much did it affect a young man to spend his first seventeen years in a country at war?  Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 and Japan's war effort continued throughout Sensei Suzuki's youth until the end of 1945 when he was 17 years old. Then of course we have the post war devastation and poverty Japan suffered for another decade, and we can see how Sensei's Suzuki' iron will was forged. He says this about his experience after the war.


"I decided to learn English and went to the local YMCA where they held classes.  Once there I discovered that they also taught Karate.  I knew that it was Karate that I wanted to do and soon forgot about learning English.  The instructor there was a man called Mr. Kimura.  He was one of Professor Ohtsuka's best students.  Professor Ohtsuka was the founder of Wado Ryu Karate.


The Americans had banned all martial arts so we had to call Karate, Japanese boxing.  I trained at the YMCA for about 6 months before we had to move on.  We would train wherever we could, in gardens or fields, in the rain and snow, anywhere the American's could not find us.  Kimura was a very intelligent man with a very sharp technique.  He was a 5th Dan at the time the highest grade in Japan.


I was fascinated by the way of the warrior and the samurai code.  I read books on Budo, Bushido and Hagkure.  As a boy I dreamt of being a samurai hero.  After the war we were not allowed swords, so I looked for a martial art without weapons.  In Judo it was always the big guy who won, but Karate was different.  With speed, timing and good spirit I could defeat any opponent large or small.


Post-war Japan saw the Japanese people embrace everything American, baseball, coke, Elvis.  I wanted to give the world something Japanese.  I decided to become a great martial artist so I could teach the world about the Japanese spirit.


When I first started I was only training four hours a day that eventually increased to 10.  Everyone thought I was crazy but I believed that to be the best I had to work longer and harder than anyone else.  I would train in a shrine garden near my home until well into the early hours of the morning.  By wearing my gi (the white Karate outfit) I inadvertently started a rumour of a ghost who stalked the shrine at night."


If you would like to read more of Sensei  Suzuki's experiences you can purchase his book, "Fullness of Life in Karate" at the WIKF web site: http://www.wikf.com/store_misc.htm


Some other highlights of his life in Karate include:

Sensei Suzuki was awarded 3rd Dan when he was only 19 years old

In 1951 at the age of 24 he was awarded the then highest grade in Wado 5th Dan. He said this was awkward as he was teaching students much older than himself.


At 45 he was awarded his 8th Dan and also in the same year was given the title of Hanshi (Master) by the Emperor's brother and the the International Budo Federation. He was presented with a special silver cup by Higashi Kuni no Miya, the uncle of the late Emperor of Japan.


From 1945 to 1956 he received direct instruction from the founder of Wado Ryu, Hironori Ohtsuka Sensei at the Wado Ryu Headquarters. Thereafter, as Ohtsuka Sensei's most senior student, he travelled with Ohtsuka Sensei both domestically and internationally performing demonstrations and teaching at the Headquarters and in such places as Hawaii.


From 1956 to 1964 Master Suzuki founded the first Wado Federation in England and from his base in London he spread Wado Ryu throughout Europe. Overcoming many difficulties, he brought senior students from Japan, taught them how to be instructors and sent them to various European countries. Within just a few years Wado Ryu became the most popular style in Europe.


In 1989 Master Suzuki felt he had to maintain the essence of Wado Ryu as he understood it so he established the Wado International Karate-Do Federation (WIKF)


In addition to his accomplishments in Karate,  Suzuki Sensei is a 2nd Dan in Tenshin Koryu Bo-Jitsu (stick fighting) and a 1st Dan in Judo. He has also studied Zen doctrine with the high priests, the late Genpo Yamamoto and Soyen Nakagawa. Suzuki Sensei is also a member of the International Budo Academy (IBA) as an Associate Professor and has been award the title Doctor of Philosophy for his life long work and commitment to teaching Wado Ryu Karate.


To summarize we should list Sensei Suzuki's famous students, but we decided it was too difficult to list that many people and we would likely miss someone. If you do not know, he has trained World Champions, Heads of Organizations and thousands and thousands of students all over the world.


Seminar Instructor Profile 

Shiomitsu Sensei

Shiomitsu Sensei

Shiomitsu Sensei  
Wado Ryu logo  

Sensei Shiomitsu is the founder and Chief Instructor of the Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Academy, and recognized world-wide as a great authority on Karate. He is based in London, England, but spends much of his time instructing at Wado-Ryu karate clubs all over the world, including European countries, the USA and Australia. He also conducts a number of instructors courses and is always present at the Dan gradings which take place at the summer and winter courses organized by the Wado-Ryu Academy.

Sensei Shiomitsu was born in Kagoshima, Japan, on 24th November 1940. He began studying Shorin Ryu karate at the age of 15. He entered Nihon University in 1959 and joined the Wado-Ryu karate club, one of the university clubs that Ohtsuka Sensei taught at. His prowess at the style led to his appointment as the captain of the university's karate team in 1963. By the time he graduated in 1964, with a degree in economics, he had already reached the grade of 4th Dan in Wado-Ryu.

Sensei Shiomitsu's natural ability at Wado-Ryu led to him being chosen by Ohtsuka Sensei as one of the karate instructors chosen to take Wado-Ryu karate outside of Japan. In 1965 Sensei Shiomitsu travelled to England, where he was appointed assistant Chief Instructor. He then spent the next 10 years visiting and staying in different countries throughout the world, including Spain, Portugal and even Madagascar, teaching Wado-Ryu karate. In 1976 he returned to England in his original position.

In 1981 Sensei Shiomitsu returned to Japan to celebrate the 90th birthday of Ohtsuka Sensei, the founder of Wado-Ryu karate. He was awarded the rank of 7th Dan by Ohtsuka. This was later followed by Sensei Shiomitsu's appointment as the Chief Instructor to the European Wado-Ryu Karate organizations, and in 1989 he founded the Wado-Ryu Academy.

Shiomitsu Sensei is represented in the US by Sensei Tyrone Pardue, Chief Instructor of the American Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Academy with Dojos in Florida and California. For information on membership to the Academy contact Sensei Pardue by email at tyronepardue@mac.com or by phone at (727) 480-4343.



Seminar Instructor Profile
Jon Wicks

Sensei Wicks

Sensei Jon Wicks  






Sensei Wicks began studying karate from the age of 13 and attained his 1st Dan (black belt) aged 17. At the age of 50, Sensei Wicks was personally awarded by Master Suzuki - 8th Dan Hanshi, his own 8th Dan and became the youngest official Wado-Ryu 8th Dan black belt in the World.


Sensei Wicks had for many years received private tuition from the late Master Tatsuo Suzuki-8th Dan Hanshi, ensuring that the authentic style of Wado-Ryu is maintained. It was Master Suzuki who originally introduced Wado-Ryu into the UK in 1965. Sensei Wicks has accompanied Master Suzuki on international exhibitions and teaching courses over many years. Master Suzuki, appointed Sensei Wicks WIKF World Chief Instructor in 2009, recognising his expertise and dedication to teaching authentic Wado-Ryu karate in the traditional style.


As well as being personally taught by Master Suzuki, Sensei Wicks has had the honour of training with many Japanese masters, including the notable honour of being taught by Master Hironori Ohtsuka the First. He applies the ethos of authentic Wado-Ryu karate he has leant over his years of training to the way he teaches himself, passing on the knowledge and skills as first taught by Master Ohtsuka.


Sensei Wicks teaches throughout the World. He teaches extensively in Europe, regularly in North America, and has taught in South America, Japan and Australia. Sensei Wicks has even taught and given demonstrations in China with Master Suzuki. Sensei Wicks' aim is to ensure that all clubs and students, worldwide, who want to learn traditional Wado-Ryu are all taught the same authentic techniques as were first taught by Master Ohtsuka the First and subsequently by Master Suzuki and now Sensei Jon Wicks. Sensei Wicks is the Principal Instructor for the International Leaders courses and on many Regional courses. He also grades students to all levels, from beginners to the highest Dan grade students.


Sensei Wicks has a very strong kumite pedigree, having competed in national and international championships over a number of years, winning all the major Wado-Ryu titles including; World Championships, European Championships - Individuals 4 times and team 8 times, Wado Cup and multiple National championships. He has also had the honour of being England Team Captain to the victorious teams in both World Championships and European Championships - 8 times winners.


Sensei Wicks is the head of the Su-Ha-Ri Wado-Ryu Karate School which was founded in the early 1970's by the late Sensei Mick Robins, who himself was a loyal student of Master Suzuki. He has developed and grown the school to over 20 clubs throughout the South of England, and has in excess of 100 black belt students, all taught personally by him in the authentic style. The School follows in Sensei's footsteps with regards to Kumite, having produced many World, European and National champions at all age groups, and continues to do so today. 



Takagi Sensei

Takagi Sensei

Seminar Instructor Profile

Takagi Sensei
Wado Kai logo
(provided by Bob Nash)

Born: 1942  July 23rd  China (note: at that time many Japanese were born in China.  China ( Manchuria) was a part of Japan.  The Japanese empire had extended into China and Korea and were considered part of Japan.)


Three Children


Residing in Tokyo


1953 - Moved to Japan from China to Shimane prefecture (next to Hiroshima prefecture)


1966 - Entered Nihon University


1972 - Entered Nihon Dental College




Dental Office - Takagi Dental Office


Occupation: Dentist




Karate history:


1966 Started training at the Nihon Dental College taught by Hironori Otsuka, founder of Wado


Guseikai Shihan (Chief Instructor of Guseikai)


Japan Karate Federation Hanshi 8th dan


Japan Karate Federation Wadokai 8th dan


Japan Karate Federation Technical committee (since 1980)


Japan Karate Federation Wadokai Technical Committee Chairman


Japan Karate Federation Wadokai  Board Member


AUGUST 2011 
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Featured Article "Bitter Sweet"

Featured Article

"Bitter Sweet" 

AW photo 

      Ray Hughes           Editor  


It seems that life is always in a state of Bitter Sweet.  This moment in time is no different.  The bitter side, Suzuki Sensei passed away on July 12, 2011, a true master of Wado.  And the now insignificant sweet side, the one year anniversary of this newsletter.  I will talk a little about the ups and downs of the newsletter next month, but for now a little about Suzuki Sensei.


I am fortunate to have trained with Sensei a half a dozen times over the past several decades.  He was not like the other Wado masters I had trained with.  As an instructor, he was hard and harsh but extremely passionate about Wado.  He truly loved students who loved Wado and had contempt for those who didn't.  He had no problem saying as much.


He showed the powerful side of Wado in addition to the subtle.  While in my twenties, it was important for me to see this power because I was too young to appreciate the subtle aspects.  I use this teaching philosophy to this day with my young adult students.


The first time I trained with Sensei was around 1980.  Sensei Moore (my sensei) and I drove twelve hours to participate in this all day outdoor seminar in Salt Lake City, Utah.  To be honest, there are only two things I can remember about the experience.  First, was the fact we trained in snow, rain, wind, and brutally hot weather during the one day seminar.  The other was the drive back to Arizona the next day. Every time we stopped for gas I had to slowly lean out of the car, put my hand down on the ground, painfully roll out onto my hands and knees, slowly pull myself up by the car, and then try to walk around as though nothing was wrong.  Of course I never made eye contact with any of the other customers. Little did I know that would be one of the most vivid memories I would ever have.


Another memory is when we brought Sensei to Arizona for the second time.  We knew we would have few opportunities to train with him and wanted to get as much as we could from the short trip.  He asked us what we wanted to go over, so we named 5 or 6 katas and the 10 kihon kumite.  He just shook his head in disgust and proceeded; needless to say we worked the entire time on half a kata.


Suzuki Sensei was an interesting man.  He was a harsh instructor yet treated us with extreme care and kindness when the US team participated at the World Wado Championships in London, England in 1989.  I will never forget him.


We need to take the time to reflect on Sensei's life and remember we have other Wado masters who are getting older. We need to show them respect and love.


Time is fleeting!




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