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We consider the title "Sensei" a very prestigious title.

USA-NKF Olympic rings

Utah State Championships 2011

USA Karate National Qualifier 

Park City, Utah USA  
June 4-5, 2011
Registration on line  www.karatemaster.com/
USA-NKF Referee Course: Fariba Madani
                                        certification in kata and kumite
How to Compete Training Seminar
      Joe Talerico      9 time gold USA-NKF 
      Tim McClellan  3 time gold AAU

Doug Jepperson.

sanctioned by USA Karate
Register early and save
Registration ends on June 2, 2011
Tournament Director: Brody Burns
dojo:972-424-8870, 469-233-0968
Tournament Promoter: Doug Jepperson
Wado Kai logo

Wado-Pentecost Training Course 2011 


June 11nd - June 13th 2011 in Berlin


Shuzo Imai, 8. Dan, Germany


Takamasa Arakawa, 6. Dan, JKF Wadokai Japan

Japan Wadokai National Champion numerous times,

Shuzo Imai Sensei

Imai Sensei

Health and Physical Education Teacher


Christina Gutz, 5. Dan, Germany



Berliner Karate Verband e. V. und Wadokai Deutschland Sohonbu e. V.


Promoter BKV e. V., Consultant of Wado-Ryu 


Internet: www.berliner-karate-verband.de   



Christina Gutz, E-Mail: Ch.Gutz@gmx.de,Tel. +49 (0)30 6937316 



Location: Sports Hall Lobeckstraße, Lobeckstraße 62/63, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg (U-Bahnhof PrinzenstraBe) 


Saturday, 2011-06-11 10:00 a. m. - 18:00 p. m. 


Sunday, 2011-06-12    10:00 a. m. - 18:00 p. m. 

Monday, 2011-06-13    10:00 a. m. - 12:00 a. m.  


Takamasa Arakawa Sensei

Takamasa Arakawa Sensei


Whole 55,00 Euro 





reduction 50,00 Euro


WDS-members 50,00 Euro 



children until 14 yrs. 30,00 Euro   



Day only      35,00 Euro


reduction     30,00 Euro 



children until 14 yrs. 20,00 Euro   



Management assumes no liability  


Free overnight stay is possible. Contact:nipponbln@aol.com   






Robbie Smith

Sensei Robbie Smith

Wado Kai Karate Clinic



with Sensei Robbie Smith

        from New Zealand

       7th Dan Black Belt International

       1st Kyu (International) Licensed

       WKF Referee



Where: Peak Academy of Dance
              Aspen Park, Colorado USA
 When: June 19, 2011
Time:    9am to 4pm Sunday
David Sasaki

Sensei David Sasaki

Cost:    $40.00
RSVP: June 10, 2011
Hosted: Sensei David Sasaki 
             4th Degree Black Belt

Contact: Sensei David Sasaki  



International Karate Budo Art Celebration 
June 16, 17,18, & 19, 2011Wado Kai logo



Dear Karate-ka,



The 2011 Winter Olympic city of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, and the C.Z.W.K.A cordially invite you to attend the 2nd International Budo Art Celebration! The Association in accordance with Karate B.C. is hosting a series of Martial Art Seminars not to be missed. While enjoying the benefits of a state of the art training facility: Hollyburn Country Club, you will be able to experience the intensity and fulfillment of a Martial Arts training seminar series the like of which is rare in North America.


The Canadian Zenkuren Wado Kai Karate Association is proud to present four of the top Martial Arts instructors in one place over four days in June 2011. They are each unique in their approach, aspects and expertise in Budo arts, are approachable and aim to transmit as much knowledge about their art in the time we have together 


We aim to cater to High Performance and Traditional Budo-ka as well as providing the opportunity to upgrade ones self in Yudansha. Our instructors hail from as far as Europe, Japan and North America,truly an international background. Our hope is that you will discover that the training is nothing short of 'top notch' and make new and interesting friends in the process.


If this sounds like something you might enjoy, then join us in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada June16-19 2011 for some real Canadian hospitality.



The C.Z.W.K.A.

International Karate Budo Art Celebration Staff


Schedule & Poster download: www.canadajkfwadokai.org

Norma Foster

Sensei Foster

Hollyburn Country Club
950 Cross Creek Rd.
West Vancouver, BC V75 255
Sensei Norma Foster
           JKF Wado Kai 7th dan
Toby Threadgill

Sensei Threadgill

Sensei Toby Threadgill
           Shindo Yoshin Ryu Menkyo Kaiden
           Jiu Jitsu  
Bob Nash

Sensei Nash

Sensei Bob Nash
           JKF Wado Kai 7th dan
Kaki Kawano

Kawano Sensei

Sensei Kaki Kawano
           JKF Wado Kai 6th dan
For additional information contact:
                                                 Peter Stoddart  karate@hollyburn.org
                                                 Norma Foster guseikai@hotmail.com





Wado Summer Karate Course 2011


All Wado Karate trainees welcome

                              Venue; Gyomasndrod, Hungary

Date; Sunday 31st July - Friday 5th August 2011


Instructors; Y.Iwasaki - Principal of Wado Kenshu-Kai

       F.Sugasawa - Principal of Shiku-Kai



Front Row

Sugasawa Sensei 4th from left; Iwasaki Sensei 4th from right


Fee; Member - 85euro Full course, 20 euro daily

       45euro half course (3days)



Accommodation are available as below

(1) Youth Hostel; 10euro per night (6bed room), 15euro(4 bed room)

(2) Hars Hotel; 200euro per person per 7 night, B&B

Yoshi Iwasaki

Iwasaki Sensei

(3) *Feszek Pension; 315euro per 2 person per 7 nights. B&B

Those rate are for 2010 and may change rate in 2011

Hotel Booking fee 50euro (No returnable)

For further information, please contact to Y.Iwasaki

Tel 085 8016276 (Mobile), Email: yoshi.iwasaki@ gmail.com



Sunsplash Gasshuku

Shiomitsu Sensei

August 11th-14th 2011, Orlando, Florida

M.Shiomitsu Sensei, 9th Dan Hanshi

Enjoy the sunshine holiday of a lifetime in Florida and meet Wado friends from around the world!


Visit all the best of Orlando's

attractions: Disney World, MGM,

universal Studios and much

more all within 20 minutes of

your hotel.


Training Daily from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00

noon leaves the whole day free for fun!


Hotel Accommodations provided

by the Embassy Suites Hotel,

International Drive, Orlando.


Large Rooms available with

excellent rates (limited numbers available

- book early). Special rates will be

honored for the duration of your stay

before and after the course  

Shiomitsu Sensei, 9th Dan Hanshi, will be instructing over the four days.

Training is from 9am till 12 noon. Plenty of time to visit theparks, shop and eat. There will be a trip to the beach. All kinds of food and restaurants to suit everyone's tastes. There will be Wado friends from around the world there. Last time there were Americans, Canadians, Australians, English, Scottish and Norwegians. Bring the KWAGs, that means Karate Wives And Girlfriends! This is the best way to combine training and holiday.

             Orlando, Florida USA
             Tyrone Pardue  e-mail: tyronepardue@mac.com
Suzuki Sensei
WIKF Karate Course

Dear Wado friends,
First of all, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2011.
We take advantage of this occasion to inform you about the
IIV.I.P. wado karate course in Spain with Dr. Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi (phd).
The datum of the course will be from Thursday the 15th of September 2011 until Saturday the 17th of September 2011 (this course is a continuation of our classical summer course we did over 26 years).
The course will be open only from 3rd kyu (brown belt).
You can stay at the youthostel Paradiso (www.albergue-paradiso.com <http://www.albergue-paradiso.com> ). You have also the possibility to stay at a hotel or guesthouse nearby (we can help you to find out different options). Those people who have accommodation outside Paradiso have as well, like always, the possibility to take lunch or dinner at the youthostel.
The training will be at the sport hall nearby (sport hall of Hinojedo, 5 min. walk from Paradiso).

Budo Club Paradiso
(Wado International Karate-do Dojo, located at the Paradiso complex) has a beautiful 100 m2 dojo with a Japanese touch were you can practice by yourself during the free time as well as a new fitness area, swimming pool and is only 2km from the beach.
At this dojo, will be held the Dan grading as well.

The course schedule will be the next:
  Thursday 15th September:
          - Arriving
           - Lunch at youthostel:14:00h
           - Training: 17:00-20:00h
           - Dinner: 21:00h
    Friday 16th September:
          - Breakfast: 9:00h
           - Training: 10:00-13:00h
           - Lunch: 14:00h
           - Training: 18:00-20:00h
   Saturday 17th September:
          - Breakfast: 9:00
           - Training: 10:00-13:00h
           - Lunch: 14:00h
           - Dan Grading (examination): 18:00-20:00h
           - Special Dinner: 21:00h
   Sunday 18th September:
          - Breakfast: 9:00h
           - Check out before 10:30h
price staying at the youthostel Paradiso is:
225 €/person (which includes, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, special dinner and training).
For those who are not staying at the youthostel Paradiso: 180 €/person (which includes, lunch, dinner, special dinner and training).
Only special dinner: 25 €/person.
Only karate training: 120 €/person.

There also exist the possibly to stay at the youthostel Parsdiso before the course starting date or after. The price will be: 30 €/person/day (includes: accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner).
Due to the places of accommodation at the youthostel are limited, those who are interested can make their reservation by email, phones or faxes on the below information.
We hope to see you again in Spain and have a nice time together.
Again, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2011.
Kind regards,
Wim and Miguel Massee.

Albergue Paradiso SL
Alojamiento turístico-Granja Escuela-Centro de Formación-Escuela de Tiempo Libre-Gimnasio
c/La Ermita 18
39350 Hinojedo (Suances)
Telf: (0034) 942 84 31 39
Fax: (0034) 942 82 33 96

USA Wado

Ajari Sensei

Ajari Sensei

Pioneer Profile

This section will profile prominent United States Wado Instructors. They will be published as we receive them. If you are aware of an instructor that should be profiled in this section, please contact us.  



Yoshiaki Ajari 1933-


Ajari Sensei was born in 1933 in Minato-mura, Wakayama City, Japan.  At the age of 13, he began the study of Gojo-Ryu karate-do with Ujita Shozo and subsequently achieved the ranks of shodan and nidan, with certifications from Miyagi Chojin, before going to study at Meiji University, majoring in architectural engineering.  There, he met the founder of Wado Ryu, Hironori Ohtsuka, and decided to study with him, practicing for 2 ½ years wearing a white belt despite a black belt in Goju system.  He usually practiced six days a week at the university, and practiced and assisted at Yamaguchi Gogen's dojo in Asakusa at least every Saturday night.  During that time Yoshiaki Ajari was certified as sandan and yondan by Yamaguchi Gohan.  After 2 ½ years with a white belt in Wado Ryu, he ranked Wado Kai shodan, nidan, and sandan within a six month period.


In 1957, in order to further his education in architecture, Yoshiaki Ajari came to the United States where he received his degree from the University California at Berkley and became a registered architect in California and USNARC.  In 1963, he opened one of the first authentic Japanese karate-do dojo in the East Bay, in Berkeley.  In 1966, Yoshiaki Ajari established the U.S. Wado Kai Karate-do Federation for the purpose of teaching authentic Japanese Budo concepts to the American public.

Ajari Sensei

Ajari Sensei


In 1965 and 1968, he helped to organize the 1st and 2nd United States - Japan Goodwill Karate do Tournament in San Francisco, which attracted some of the most famous karate masters in Japan-master Ohtsuka Hironori, Master Nakayama Masatoshi, and master Mabuni Ken-ei.  After that there were series of tournament and master demonstrations that took place in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Mexico City, with Master Ohtsuka Hironori, Master Nakayama Masatoshi, and Iwata Manzo giving demonstrations.



William Millerson

Dr. Frits Goedgedrag (L) and Sensei William Millerson (R)





On April 29, 2011 William Millerson, WKF first vice president and PKF president, was presented with the medal of honor of the Dutch Queen, Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau. This was presented to him by the Governor of Curacao his Excellency Dr. Frits Goedgedrag.






For those of you that may not know who William Millerson is, the following information was furnished by Doug Jepperson.


Mr. Millerson is the 1st Vice President of the WKF, World Karate Federation, and the largest karate federation in the world. Mr. Millerson is also President of the Pan American Federation, and the President of the Olympic Committee of the Netherlands Antilles. In 2001 Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan Hanshi, head of the WIKF awarded Mr. Millerson with his 7th Dan, for his contributions to karate.


What a lot of people do not know is that Mr. Millerson began his karate journey as a world-class competitor. He had tremendous success as a young man competing for Curacao, Holland, and Wado all over the world. During his competition career he placed at the top of the ladder in Europe and the World.


Mr. Millerson was born in 1953, in Aruba, at that time part of the Netherlands Antilles. After growing up a Caribbean paradise, Mr. Millerson went off to Hilversum Netherlands in 1970 to study at University. Hilversum is a small town about 20 miles south east of Amsterdam. This area of the Netherlands has all the typical Dutch stores, as well as the chestnut tree-lined Groest (a five-min walk straight out from the Central train station), which is home to a number of pleasant cafes and pubs, with outdoor seating when the weather is good.



It was there in Hilversum Mr. Millerson began his journey in Wado. He was lucky enough to discover a dojo run by the Dutch Champion Jack van Helleman. Another instructor who Mr. Millerson felt valuable in his early years was Harold La Rose. And at this time all of European Wado was under the direction of Tatsuo Suzuki.


Within a few years Millerson became one of the top competitors in Europe, Black Belt magazine wrote this about Millerson in 1973, "William Millerson is the instant star from Hilversum, Holland who appeared in the European Championships this year, stunning everyone with his second place win. He lost the final match to France's Christian Alifax. But for many on-lookers he was the best man in the division."


From 1973 to 1976 he was the Dutch Middle Weight Champion. During this time he was ranked as number 6 among European fighters. In 1977 he placed 4th in the World Championships in Tokyo. At This time all competitors competed in the same division, so the top eight finalists were honored. Millerson kept competing over the years with great success; in 1981 he won the Pan American Championships by beating Billy Blanks in the finals.  During his competition career he participated in 5 world championships as a trainer, coach and athlete.



After his competition career Mr. Millerson continued his work in karate by working as an organizer and administrator, developing athletes in his own country of Curacao working as the President of the Curacao Sports Federation. In 2001 his instructor Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan Hanshi, promoted Mr. Millerson to 7th Dan in the WIKF,  Wado International Karate Do Federation.


On a personal note, I first met Mr. Millerson in 1993 in Athens Greece, and I have been lucky enough to train in his dojo, and visit Curacao for competitions and site seeing. To give you some insight to the man, when my students and I went to train at Mr. Millerson's school in Curacao he was helping all the students get into the dojo, lifting bags and working to making everyone feel comfortable. He was so gracious and humble some of my students, thought he was one the juniors in the dojo.  I laughed and said no, but that is his nickname.



Doug Jepperson


Short history of Shindo Yoshin Ryu and its connection to

Wado ryu.

Bob Nash

Sensei Bob Nash

by Bob Nash  

Starting point.



Fact - When Otsuka Sensei registered Wadoryu for the very first time at the national festival hosted by the Butokuden in Kyoto (1938) he wrote on the registration form that the originator of his style, the first Japanese style of karate was Yoshitoki Akiyama.

There is a lot in that declaration.


Wado was formally registered for the first time as a karate style in 1938.

Otsuka makes a distinction between Okinawan Karate and his (Japanese) karate.

 He wrote down that the originator of his Japanese karate was Yoshitoki Akiyama.

Akiyama is the founder of the most well known line of Yoshin ryu Jujitsu.  It was founded in 1632 in Nagasaki, Japan. 


 To confuse things even more, around the same time there were was another Yoshin ryu school founded in Nagasaki.  This other Yoshin ryu school is arguably the older of the two and was founded by Nakamura Yoshikuni around 1610.  Nakamura's Yoshin ryu was commonly referred to as Yoshin Koryu.  To further confuse the issue Nakamura changed his name to Miura Yoshin so over time people started calling this style Miura ryu or Miura Yoshin ryu. Both schools were founded around the same time in the same place (Nagasaki) and all claim to be influenced by Chinese martial arts.  


So how does Otsuka Sensei who studied Shindo Yoshin ryu have anything to do with Akiyama Yoshin ryu?  Simple.  Shindo Yoshin ryu was founded in 1864 by Matsuoka Katsunosuke. Shindo Yoshin ryu is a composite of two jujitsu lines - Akiyama Yoshin ryu via Tenjin Shinyo ryu and the Nakamura (Miura) Yoshin Koryu via the Totsuka ha Yoshin Koryu. Shindo Yoshin ryu is also influenced by the sword schools of Jikishinkage ryu and Hokushin Itto ryu.  


Otsuka Sensei studied Shindo Yoshin ryu when he was 13 years old. His instructor was Tatsusaburo Nakayama.  As he got older he also studied Tenshin Shinyo ryu, Kito ryu and Yoshin Koryu.  So that means Otsuka Sensei not only studied Shindo Yoshin ryu, he also studied the schools that were further up the previous food chain (Tenshin Shinyo ryu and Yoshin Koryu).  


So back to item 3.  When Otsuka Sensei wrote that the originator of Japanese karate was Akiyama I assume what he was saying was that he credits Akiyama, the creator of Yoshin ryu for the source of his (Otsuka's ) martial art knowledge. 


A bit about the lineage of Shindo Yoshin ryu.  As was stated earlier, Shindo Yoshin ryu was established in 1864. by Matsuoka.  As Matsuoka got older he had no family successor old enough to run his organization.  He had to look outside of his family for a temporary successor.  There were several potential candidates and he chose Matakichi Inose as the second headmaster of Shindo Yoshin ryu with the understanding that it would be turned over to Matsuoka's son Tatsuo when Tatsuo came of age. As soon as Inose was appointed headmaster another fully licensed member of Shindo Yoshin ryu requested and got permission from Matsuoka to start a new branch of Shindo Yoshin ryu.  This person's name was Shigeta Obata.  So a new branch called Obata ha Shindo Yoshin ryu was founded.  From this point forward this line existed separate from the mainline of Shindo Yoshin ryu.


After the death of Katsunosuke Matsuoka the two independent lines of Shindo Yoshin ryu started taking on different characteristics.  Inose's Shindo Yoshin ryu tilted towards the new martial art of judo made popular by Jigoro Kano and he mostly abandoned the military bujustsu techniques taught by Matsuoka. In 1917 Inose turned over the reigns of Shindo Yoshin ryu to Tatsuo Matsuoka who had finally come of age.  Prior to being appointed as the 3rd headmaster of Shindo Yoshin ryu, Tatsuo Matsuoka trained extensively in judo at the Kodokan.  He eventually attained the rank of 7th dan in judo.  He was appointed mayor of Shimodate for 4 terms and passed away in 1989 without appointing a successor.  Even though he did not appoint a successor several of the remaining students elected Dr Ryozo Fujiwara as their leader and created a group called the Shindo Yoshin ryu Domonkai.  Unfortunately the Domonkai no longer has a dojo and the students are no longer active.   Once the students pass away the transmission of the Shindo Yoshin ryu mainline will end.


Otsuka Sensei trained in the mainline Shindo Yoshin ryu under the guidance of Tatsusaburo Nakayama, who himself was a student of Inose. Otsuka Sensei receives his menkyo kaiden in 1920, three years after Tatsuo Matsuoka is appointed the 3rd headmaster of Shindo Yoshin ryu. There are some sources that state that Nakayama was the 3rd headmaster of Shindo Yoshin ryu. This is false.  Nakayama was never a headmaster of Shindo Yoshin ryu.  He was a student of Matakichi Inose who himself was the 2nd headmaster of Shindo Yoshin ryu.  Tatsuo Matsuoka was the 3rd headmaster, not Nakayama.) 


The Obata ha branch of Shindo Yoshin ryu continued teaching the curriculum started by Katsunosuke Matsuoka.Unlike the other jujitsu practitioners of his time, Obata refused to jump on the judo bandwagon and continued teaching all the military/sogo budo techniques of sword, knife, and other weapons along with hand to hand taijutsu.

Obata's grandson, Yukiyoshi became the heir to Obata-ha Shindo Yoshin ryu.  Yukiyoshi Obata (later changing his last name to Takamura) moved to Sweden after World War II.  In the early 1960 he moved to San Jose, California.  Along the way Yukiyoshi Takamura also learned Matsuzaki Shinkage ryu kenjutsu. Over time some tactics and techniques from this school were added to the original Shindo Yoshin ryu kenjutsu as "betsuden" ( additonal teachings ).  In 1968 Yukiyoshi Takamura renamed his style to Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu. 


Takamura passed away in 2000 at the age of 72.  In the decade prior to his death he awarded 3 people with menkyo kaiden: Takagi Iso, David Maynard and Toby Threadgill.  Both Takagi Iso and David Maynard retired in 2003.


Toby and Meikskoss

Sensei Toby Threadgill right-Sensei Meik Skoss left



 This is a photo of Toby Threadgill with Meik Skoss taken just after he inspected Toby Threadgill's menkyo kaiden at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  He also inspected other licenses and TSYR historical documents including one belonging to Shigeta Obata that was signed by the Crown Prince of Japan around 1900. 


Meik Skoss (www.koryu.com

) lived in Japan for over 20 years and holds teaching licenses in several classical Japanese martial arts including Yagyu Shinkage ryu kenjutsu and Toda ha Buko ryu.  Sensei Threadgill has in his possession around 100 old Japanese martial arts licenses including a significant number of old Yoshin ryu densho.  Mr Skoss examined the documents presented to him by Toby Threadgill including Sensei Threadgill's license granted to him by Yukiyoshi Takamura and confirmed the historical veracity of Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu as a legitimate koryu (Japanese classical martial art) and its transmission to Toby Threadgill making him the sole actively teaching Shindo Yoshin ryu headmaster in the world.



Today there are many Wado karate practitioners around the world attending Toby Threadgill's seminars trying to understand the total legacy of Otsuka Sensei.Several of them around the world has gone as far as becoming full fledged members of Shindo Yoshin ryu perhaps in pursuit of that elusive quality possessed by Otsuka Sensei, one of the few true martial arts genius who lived in the 20th century.


For more information about Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu go towww.shinyokai.com




 Koshiki  no te 2

Martial Art Humor



The Sword Master

Once there was a wealthy man who wanted to hire a great sword master to train his guards and soldiers. He offered a large sum of money and asked all sword masters to come for an interview and he would choose one.

The three greatest masters in the land came to discuss a possible deal. The third greatest sword master came first, and was asked to protect the wealthy man from a fly, which he immediately released from a box. The sword master drew his sword, turned the blade sideways, and with the flat of the blade he swatted the fly to the floor and with a fast lunge step, he stomped the fly.

The second greatest sword master then came and was also asked to protect the man from a fly. The fly had barely left the box when the sword master precisely cut the fly in two with a spectacular flashy swoop of his sword.

Then came the greatest sword master. He just stood with his hand on the grip of his sword and appeared to ignore the fly, yet he kept himself between the fly and the wealthy man for several hours. Then the fly began to buzz the master's face. At first he verbally warned the fly to leave, then he casually brushed the fly harmlessly aside several times ... then with a blur of extreme speed and a soft click, the greatest sword master drew and sheathed his sword. The fly immediately flew away never to be seen again. "But you missed, and now the fly is getting away!" exclaimed the wealthy man. "I never miss." replied the calm master, "nor do I chase those who flee in fear. If I had killed him, he would not have ever learned anything, and as it is, not only will THAT fly never bother you again, but he will never reproduce."


If you have any martial art humor you would like to share, please forward it to us. We all need a little humor in this world

Zen Stories  


One day the Master announced that a young monk had reached an advanced state of enlightment. The news caused some stir. Some of the monks went to see the young monk. "We heard you are enlightened. Is that true?" they asked.

"It is," he replied.

"And how do you feel?"

"As miserable as ever," said the monk.


If you have any Zen stories you would like to share, please forward them to us. We all need a little Zen in our lives.

Additional Wado Information

Please check out this link for additional Wado Information:

Suggested Tournaments for Wado competitors 










June 4, Utah State Championships and National Qualifier, Park City Utah

Contact Katie Mullaly kmullalyut@gmail.com




July 14 - 17, USA Karate National Championships and Team Trials, Arlington TX





USA-NKF Zone Karate Tournament

Sunday August 7, 2011

Sacramento, Ca. USA

contact: Sensei Alex Miladi



WIKF World Championships, Dallas TX

http://www.planodojo.com/, contact Brody Burns, bburns@usankf.org




Nov. 12, Dallas TX, Suzuki Cup, Brody Burns





JUNE 2011 
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Featured Article "I Can't Wait"

Featured Article

"I Can't Wait" 

AW photo 

        Ray Hughes           Editor  

Trying to live the philosophy of "enjoy the journey and not the destination" is sometimes difficult.   I hate having to actually practice what I preach.   But I'll work at controlling my excitement for the things that are coming.

As you know we are working on the development of a national Wado directory.   I am excited about the benefits that will come from this directory; helping potential Wado practitioners find Wado schools, aiding relocating Wado students, and assisting Wado instructors locate schools and instructors they want to communicate with.  But it is what follows the development of this directory that gets me more excited.  

From time to time I come across problems I would like to get outside feedback on.   It would be nice to ask a large pool of Wado instructors how they would handle a particular problem.  Or ask what their teaching methods are for a particular technique.  I am sure you have experienced these same thoughts.  Up to this time it has not been possible to do this. What I currently do, which is probably what most of you do, is ask a couple of friends for their opinions. Though this helps and is greatly appreciated, it would be better to have input from a larger group of people.  My goal is to always think outside the box.  The more diversified the input, the better I can do this. The better decisions I seem to make.

The plan after the national directory is established is to address this issue, the development of a national Wado communication system.  The national directory will serve as a foundational point to develop this national communication system.  A communication system where an instructor can easily communicate with a large number of Wado enthusiasts. Whether its about a problem or sharing an idea.  Most of us intuitively know that the problems we face have probably already been solved by someone else.  It would be nice not to recreate the wheel. 

Exciting times are coming.  Can you imagine a large pool of Wado practitioners, regardless of organizational ties, communicating easily in a secure and private manner on a regular basis?   The possibilities are endless.  We can accomplish anything we want when we combine our knowledge, thoughts, and energy.  

But before we can get to this national communication system, we must complete the national directory.  So when you receive the Wado school profile, please take the time to fill it out. You can preview the beginnings of this national directory on USAWADO.com.  This is just the beginning, there is a lot of work to be done.

Next month I will expand on the exciting possibilities of this national Wado communication system.  Until then my friends, keep training hard.

The mission of this newsletter is to disseminate Wado information to the Wado enthusiast in an unbiased and non political format.

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