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August 2014

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"The only difference between the possible and impossible is one's will"

-Hironori Ohtsuka




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There's a Beginning Somewhere
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WIKF Summer Course-Spain
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    Editor's   Notes
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Ray Hughes
There are no problems, only situations.

The battle is within!! 



Welcome to the world of karate history, philosophy, other martial art information 


Dear Karate Enthusiast;


The purpose of this newsletter is to pass on historical information, philosophical views and activities of interest to karate martial artists around the world. Please send your article, event or activity with a photo of the instructor and/or event organizer by the 20th of the preceding month to get your information in this newsletter. Please send your text in a Word document. Please send posters and pictures in small jpeg files, thank you. 


Instructors, please forward to other karate enthusiasts,  

thank you.



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Wado Ryu Karate
We are continuing with another writing from Master Otsuka's book Wado Ryu Karate, published by Masters Publication. This book can be purchased at Amazon.com. 

The Difference Between Quick and Fine Actions  

by Master Otsuka 



"Quick" action refers to action with no excessive movement and performed in the shortest amount of time possible; not actions of the hand or fingers (called "fine" actions), and is a correct derivative movement of karate's fundamental actions.


"Fine" actions seem quick, but are actually slow and not too strong, if not too effective. Of course, if it is advantageous to do so, one should use "fine" actions only. For example, "fine" actions include attacks to the opponent's eyes, throat, biting, scratching, or small stabs with the elbow.


Also "quick" actions are not just "quick," but must have force and an objective for its use as well.






There's a Beginning Somewhere


The Karate Tapestry - Part 3


Robert Hunt



Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt

Being obsessive, I tend to delve into particulars - a never ending quest, like Paul Harvey used to say, for "the rest of the story". That notion has fired up my lifelong karate pursuit - never content just accepting Shotokan, or Wado, or Goju or Shito, or for that matter, Shorin and Shorei as they are.

            There's a beginning somewhere.

            Of course, there is no real beginning, just the hazy starting place we choose. But, I want to know it all as distant in the past as possible. If we don't study, if we don't research, we are at the mercy of whoever came before - karate through our Senseis' eyes. Did they get it?

            Kenwa Mabuni studied from Higashionna and Itosu. He even created a style, Shi-To, using the first half of each of their names, Higa and Ito. That's an impressive chunk of Okinawan karate.

            Did he get it right? Did he pass on to his sons and Hayashi and Sakagami and Kuniba the reality of Okinawan karate, or did he pass on his own prejudice, karate through a filter, picking and choosing what he thought important, or correct or relevant or historically authentic. Or did just try his best, without a lot of thought to any of it. I don't know. Hence the pursuit.

I foraged through the writings of historians like John Sells, Patrick McCarthy and others, and scrounged up a few of the earliest karate happenings to shed some illumination on what we all practice.


I. The Sappushi Wanshu

Sakagami Ryusho performing Wanshu



Sappushi was a diplomat. This one, Wanshu, was sent by the Qing government of China to Okinawa in 1683.           

It is said that he was "a poet, calligrapher, diplomat and martial artist in the Shaolin tradition of Fujian White Crane."



Click HERE to read the rest of the article              


To contact Robert Hunt  





Ray Hughes

The Fearful Sensei by Ray Hughes

The most dangerous person in the martial arts

(It is understood that schools are operated by both genders. For ease of reading, the masculine pronoun will be used).





In the traditional karate world, the Sensei is the most honored and respected individual. The Sensei represents honor, respect, knowledge, leadership, and most of all wisdom. It is because of this stature that sometimes power is abused. The greatest culprit of this abuse and who causes the most harm to unsuspecting students is the "Fearful Sensei." The "Fearful Sensei" is the most dangerous person in the martial arts.


The Fearful Sensei is one who knows he has a weakness or shortcoming in his martial art skills, people and management skills, business understanding, or any of the above mentioned attributes. Afraid this exposure will undermine the confidence in his student base and those around him; this Sensei works hard to cover it up. It is this action and the consequences that follow that make this individual extremely dangerous.


The dangerous thing about this character flaw is the damage done to the student base; damage that sometimes is never realized by the students. The brain washing that comes out of this façade sometimes is never recognized and can in turn be passed on to future generations.


Situations where this Sensei feels the need to put up a false facade is when he is in a small or dying school, have inferior martial arts skills, unable to teach competitive karate, inferiority complex, and others to list a few. 


To read the rest of this article click  HERE


Ray Hughes

Scottsdale Martial Arts Center




Martial Art Humor


We all need a little humor in our life.  If you have a joke, send it in.

                  Zen Stories 




One day the Master announced that a young monk had reached an advanced state of enlightment. The news caused some stir. Some of the monks went to see the young monk.



"We heard you are enlightened. Is that true?" they asked.  


"It is," he replied.  


"And how do you feel?"  


"As miserable as ever," said the monk.



We all need a little Zen in our Lives. If you have a story, please send it in.


thinking man
Moral Wisdom

"Control yourself: Remember, anger is just one letter short of danger"

Author unknown      

Disclaimer: Titles                   bow


One of the most difficult areas that this newsletter has to deal with is the use of instructor titles. We are very sensitive to this issue and do not want to offend or insult anyone. To simplify this daunting problem we will use the following guidelines with the use of instructor titles:


a. The correct title of the instructor(s) must be in the article or seminar information submitted by the author or event organizer.

b. All captions that we place under photos will be:
  1. Japanese instructors: Last name followed by the title Sensei.

  2. Non-Japanese instructors: The title Sensei followed by the last name of the instructor.

c. Any title and name that is placed in this newsletter by newsletter staff will use the title of Sensei.



We consider the title "Sensei" a very prestigious title



    Wado Seminars and Events
Wado Agenda
Wado Karate Newsletter
by Rob van Leeuwen


WIKF Summer Course Spain 

August 18-22, 2014

WIKFCantabria, Spain

Sensei Jon Wicks, 8th dan and WIKF World Chief Instructor
Sensei Wim Massee, 7th dan, member of WIKF world technical commission, vice-chairman of WIKF Europa and chairman of WIKF Spain
Sensei Joaquin Gonzales, 6th dan, member of WIKF world technical commission, chairman of Portugal and coach of Portugal All Style Federation

For more information: (+0034) 942 843139

All Wado Trophy
August 30/31, 2014 

Once again we are proud to announce that our competition All Wado Trophy will be held in August 2014!

Best competitor, coach or spectator!

August 30th - 31th, 2014, we are arranging a friendship competition for Wado practitioners. Gathering participants from all nuances of Wado, from any organization, from any country. Everybody is welcome!
The purpose of the competition is to gather under friendly circumstances and participate in the competition in the spirit of respect to each other and to ourselves. We want to give everybody the opportunity to participate, therefore registration will be done by the dojo, or yourself.

Even though this is a WADO contest, all karate practitioners are welcome to participate. The competition will follow the WKF rules with the exeption that only Wado kata will be allowed. In the SPECIAL KATA CATEGORIES, (physical or intellectual disabilities) any kata can be performed.

We will also have categories for practitioners with physical disabilities.
No limits of participants from each country.

For the individual categories you compete with your name, dojo and country. For team kumite, you compete for your country. You can choose, either register a team from your dojo, or gather with other dojos from your country and make a team. No limits of the numbers of teams per country. The teams will be named at the competition as "country" followed by a number in the order they register. So first team from England that register, will be "England 1" on so on.

JKF Wado Kai Master's Seminar
Denver, Colorado
Wado Kai logo

September 26-28, 2014

Master Arakawa


Master Arakawa JKF 9th Dan
Master Yanagida JKF 8th Dan
Sensei Shimura JKF 7th Dan

Sponsored by Kurobane Sensei

For additional information:
WIKF Wado Ryu Karate Seminars with Sensei Wicks WIKF  




All courses are open to Wado practitioners (unless stated) and will include traditional Wado Techniques including- OHYO, KIHON GUMITE, TANTO & TACHI DORI, (KNIFE &SWORD DEFENCE) IDORI (KNEELING DEFENCE) AND KATA

Jon Wicks
Sensei Wicks


AUGUST 1st - 3rd UK Summer Course - Contact: Jon Wicks. jonwicks@su-ha-ri.co.uk 

AUGUST 18th -22nd Spain Summer Course - Contact Wim Massee wimmassee@albergue-paradiso.co 


AUGUST  29th - 31st Norway Contact: Cato Bruarøy cb@wado.no 

SEPTEMBER 5th -7th Finland - Contact: Vantaan Wado-ryu w1978@mbnet.fi 

SEPTEMBER 17th - 21st WIKF Pan-American Championships Curacao - Contact William Millerson william.millerson@gmail.com

OCTOBER 1st -5th WIKF European Championships Cyprus - Contact Marios Vatiliotis (00357 22) 348790

OCTOBER 10th - 12th Dallas. TX. USA ,Contact - Brody Burnsbburns@planodojo.com 

OCTOBER 14th - 16th Toronto Canada Contact: Kenneth Corrigan.kenjan6@telus.net 

OCTOBER 17th - 19th Prince George, BC Contact - Kenneth Corrigan.kenjan6@telus.net 

NOVEMBER 1st Northern Ireland Contact- Bob Hamilton. bhamilton75@hotmail.com 

NOVEMBER 14th -16th Belgium - Contact -Mathieu Beysen Mathieu.beysen@telenet.be 

NOVEMBER 28th - 30th Venice Italy Contact: Mirka Barbaro mikibeach@gmail.com 

DECEMBER 5th-7th Sweden - contact -Michael ObergOberg.co@gmail.com 


 Other Seminars and Events




 8/4-10  International Antalya Open    turkishkarate@gmail.com                

                 Ercument TASDEMIR              
     8/6-10  2014 Camp Shotokan                              Ed Otis
                 Carlsbad, California               e.otis@americanjka.com

    8-4     Sport Karate Camp           Joe Valdez 615-948-8844
              With Tom Scott
     8/30  Top of Texas Karate Championships         Sensei Lee Gray
                 Amarillo, Texas                           lee-gray@shobukan.org   


      9-20     Chandler Karate Championships              Sensei Marlon Moore
                   USA Karate Sanctioned Event                  marlon.moore@juno.com
                   Chandler, Arizona


Itosu-Kai Karate Tournament

Soka University, 1 University Dr, Aliso Viejo, CA 92693

David Crockett


      9/19,20 WIKF Pan American Championships
                   Curacao   details to come 


     10/3-5   Rocky Mountain Gasshuku               Sensei Madani         
                     Granby, Colorado                            imakarate.com


New York Open

Cleve Baxter


Westchester Community College, 75 Grasslands Rd, Valhalla, NY 10595

(914) 665-2752


Hollenbeck Invitational Karate Championship

CSULA, 5151 State University Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Enrique Mares


         10/25    Fonseca Cup                                      info@fonsecamartialarts.com


      11-1  Glendale Karate Championships        Sensei Walden
              USA Karate Sanctioned Event           waldenmartialarts@q.com
              Glendale, Arizona


UCI Collegiate Tournament

UCI, Anteater Recreation Center, 680 California Ave, Irvine, CA

Bruce Nuygen/Chad Eagan


              USA Gojo Ryu Karate-Do Seiwakai
              Santa Monica, CA       Vassie Naidoo 310-399-6955


Adlawan Cup Food Drive Tournament

Salgado Community Center, 706 N Newhope, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Pete Mangosing



Tomodachi Cup

Boys & Girls Club of Westminster, 14400 Chestnut St, Westminster, CA 92683

Akira Fukuda


      11/20-26    2014 Hawaii Retreat      info@fonsecamartialarts.com   




       8/15            Wado Kai Karate-Do World Cup
                            Nagoya, Japan