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July 2014

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"The only difference between the possible and impossible is one's will"

-Hironori Ohtsuka




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    Editor's   Notes
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Ray Hughes
Enjoy Today

Over the past several months I have had several friends and family members suffer serious health problems. I guess these are things we have to face when we get older. I'm not too happy about it.

Unfortunately it takes these situations to make us look at the world and ask "what is really important?"  

Most of the time we argue about unimportant issues. Other times we worry about things we cannot change.

The point about all of this is that we are blessed to be apart of an exceptional world, "the martial arts." 

This world is about improving ourselves and giving back to mankind. It doesn't get better than this.

Please take the time to appreciate your friends and show this to them. Life is short and getting shorter.

To all my friends: Thank you for your friendship, support, and all the wisdom you have tried to pass on to me.

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!!!

Until the next newsletter, keep kicking and punching. 




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Wado Ryu Karate
We are continuing with another writing from Master Otsuka's book Wado Ryu Karate, published by Masters Publication. This book can be purchased at Amazon.com. 

The Difference Between Large and Excessive Actions  

by Master Otsuka 



Each movement of the fundamental katas must be large and lively, but not excessive or pointless. From these larger movements, one progresses to faster movements. One must begin from fundamental movements to kata, to kumite, to changes in the kumite and to combat, or else he will not improve at all.


"Larger" movements mean, meaningful, lively movements, not pointless or excessive actions and motion of the hands and feet. Too much motion does not equal "large" movement. One often sees this in a contest, but when one wishes to punch as he is jumping in towards an opponent, he has the tendency to draw his fist backwards and to his side before he actually punches. This is because one attempts to punch on the strength of his arm alone - involving unnecessary motions as a result.


There is an inefficient distribution of power and thus, power is wasted. In the above situation, by punching with the strength of the arm alone, it contradicts the movement of the body. This cannot be called a "large and lively" movement. It is a slow movement, with excessive motions. Hence, it is an improper punch since it ignores the fundamentals of punching an opponent. Any unnecessary motions before and after a punch just get in the way of a proper punch and is pointless.


Power is only necessary at the exact moment of contact. This not only applies to punches, but defenses as well. As stated earlier, there must be no limitations on one's movement. Using the "dead" igata form with which to punch involves unnecessary pointless action. This, in turn, serves to weaken the punch compared to its actual potential to hit the opponent.


These pointless actions and inefficient usage of power will begin to show themselves regularly. They are indeed, not large movements, but excessive and pointless actions. They can become habitual and serve to prevent one from improving his skills.


However, as started earlier, there is no such thing as an end or finish to how well a kata training can be done. "Good" or "bad" is subjective - hence you are "good" or "bad" when compared to your opponent. Thus, depending on one's opponent, it may sometimes be advantageous to involve excessive action or motion. Excessive or pointless actions can also be a strategy. 




 The Karate Tapestry - Part 2




Robert Hunt

Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt


It is impossible to understand karate without understanding Okinawa.


            The island kingdom is the literal birthplace of karate and the art is imbued with Okinawan history, philosophy, religion, character and society. One of the most misleading periods of my karate training were the beginning years when I thought karate was Japanese and confused it with Japanese culture.


            One transparent example. In Japan, women were second class citizens. In Okinawa, women have, since early times, been a driving force in the society. A Noro, a priestess, was the head of the Okinawan religion and had almost as much power as the king. One of Okinawa's most ancient beliefs is onarigami, the spiritual superiority of women derived from the Goddess Amamikyo. This differs greatly from Japanese Shinto, where men are seen as the embodiment of purity (oh, come on...!).
Women abound in Okinawan martial history. A well known karate teacher named Higa admitted that he learned much of his karate from his big sister. Legend has it that Bushi Matsumura first had to defeat his girlfriend, Chiru, before she would agree to become his wife. When we first went to Japan, my own wife served drinks around the table to men years her junior in karate, just to play the game. Today she teaches kobudo to our grandchildren and is a Sensei in the dojo.
The Hidari Gomon
The royal crest of the ancient Ryu Kyu kingdom


Called Uchinaa in its own language, Okinawa is the largest island in a chain called the Ryu Kyu Islands, strewn, like a handful of rocks from Amamikyo's divine hand, across the East China Sea from southern Japan toward Fuchow, China.



Click HERE to read the rest of the article              


To contact Robert Hunt  





Ray Hughes

One Secret in Teaching Discipline to Children

This is the third in a series of articles dealing with the topic of how philosophy and discipline are taught to children. The following comes from an article I wrote for my school several years ago. I have reworked it to fit with this theme.




Before I start teaching discipline to children, a rapport needs to be developed. First, I learned that humor works as my best tool. Second, I know I need to pick my battles. As every child is different, so my strategies vary.


As this rapport process is developing, I start prepping the student on what is expected. I keep expectations low at the beginning so as not to overwhelm the student. I understand that kids learn at different rates and this varies dramatically with age, gender, and mental maturity. As the student starts moving up the ranks, expectations and reprimands are increased. It's this area of implementing reprimands that is the secret for developing discipline in children.


How do you reprimand a student that has fallen short of expectations? How do you deliver it so they receive it in a positive way, empowering them while not demeaning them (since the majority of reprimands are in front of the class), getting children to understand that these falters are part of the human development process we all endure, and at the same time teach the rest of the class how to learn from this student's experience in a non-judgmental way? The following is the scenario I use to accomplish this daunting task.


To read the rest of this article click  HERE


Ray Hughes

Scottsdale Martial Arts Center





What about.......... 

Doug Jepperson1
Doug Jepperson

by Doug Jepperson



The last few months we have shared interviews with some amazing athletes, George Kotaka, Erik Scholpy and Summer Sanders. All world-class athletes each in a different sport. Hopefully you have noticed some commonality in their approach to their sport and training.


But what do we do for the student or athlete who does not have world-class genetics? We teach them "Life Lessons." Life what? Lessons, you know please and thank you, and maybe more. As my friend Ray Hughes said, it is less important to teach better technique than it is to teach them to be better humans.


We all teach or train karate, so we have a unique opportunity to help students, our fellow class mates even the folks that watch. We can every day endeavor to help people see the best in themselves and find satisfaction in doing their best. To quote one of the old karate dudes, Gichin Funakoshi said something like this, "it is not victory or defeat that is important, but the perfection of the characters in the contest."


How can we bring Funakoshi's maxim into reality today?



To finish reading this article click HERE

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Martial Art Humor

Humor picture

We all need a little humor in our life.  If you have a joke, send it in.

                  Zen Stories 


A very diligent but rather brash young Zen student had been studying under a famous Zen master for a number of years. One day the student came to his master and said,  "I have finally mastered the art of Zen Buddhism! I now understand the true meaning of "mu shin". My mind is now one of calmness, emptiness, complete nothingness. As quick as a flash the old Zen master smacked the young student across the head with his pipe. The Zen student's face filled with rage as he glared fiercely at his master. The old Zen master smiled and said to his disciple, "If you have complete nothingness then where does this anger come from? 



We all need a little Zen in our Lives. If you have a story, please send it in.


thinking man
Moral Wisdom
"How can one be well...when one suffers morally?"

Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace


Disclaimer: Titles                   bow


One of the most difficult areas that this newsletter has to deal with is the use of instructor titles. We are very sensitive to this issue and do not want to offend or insult anyone. To simplify this daunting problem we will use the following guidelines with the use of instructor titles:


a. The correct title of the instructor(s) must be in the article or seminar information submitted by the author or event organizer.

b. All captions that we place under photos will be:
  1. Japanese instructors: Last name followed by the title Sensei.

  2. Non-Japanese instructors: The title Sensei followed by the last name of the instructor.

c. Any title and name that is placed in this newsletter by newsletter staff will use the title of Sensei.



We consider the title "Sensei" a very prestigious title



    Wado Seminars and Events
Wado Agenda
Wado Karate Newsletter
by Rob van Leeuwen


Wadoryu Summer Camp
July 20-25, 2014
Wado Kai logo

Hosted by Sensei Roberto Danubio

For additional information click HERE


WIKF Summer Course Spain 

August 18-22, 2014

WIKFCantabria, Spain

Sensei Jon Wicks, 8th dan and WIKF World Chief Instructor
Sensei Wim Massee, 7th dan, member of WIKF world technical commission, vice-chairman of WIKF Europa and chairman of WIKF Spain
Sensei Joaquin Gonzales, 6th dan, member of WIKF world technical commission, chairman of Portugal and coach of Portugal All Style Federation

For more information: (+0034) 942 843139

All Wado Trophy
August 30/31, 2014 

Once again we are proud to announce that our competition All Wado Trophy will be held in August 2014!

Best competitor, coach or spectator!

August 30th - 31th, 2014, we are arranging a friendship competition for Wado practitioners. Gathering participants from all nuances of Wado, from any organization, from any country. Everybody is welcome!
The purpose of the competition is to gather under friendly circumstances and participate in the competition in the spirit of respect to each other and to ourselves. We want to give everybody the opportunity to participate, therefore registration will be done by the dojo, or yourself.

Even though this is a WADO contest, all karate practitioners are welcome to participate. The competition will follow the WKF rules with the exeption that only Wado kata will be allowed. In the SPECIAL KATA CATEGORIES, (physical or intellectual disabilities) any kata can be performed.

We will also have categories for practitioners with physical disabilities.
No limits of participants from each country.

For the individual categories you compete with your name, dojo and country. For team kumite, you compete for your country. You can choose, either register a team from your dojo, or gather with other dojos from your country and make a team. No limits of the numbers of teams per country. The teams will be named at the competition as "country" followed by a number in the order they register. So first team from England that register, will be "England 1" on so on.


 Other Seminars and Events


      7/4,5,6  WIKF Wado Seminar/Jon Wicks   contact: Joaquim  Goncalves
                   Portugal                    joaquimgoncalves2@gmail.com      


USA Karate National Championship


USA Karate



AAU National Championships

Ft Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center, Ft Lauderdale, FL



       7/22-26 Alaskan Jundokan Friendship Summer Invitational
                   contact: Mark Meyer 480-296-8408 mmeyer116@yahoo.com

  40th JKF Gojukai Tournament      naoya.shioji@city.wakayama.lg.jp
                       Sendai City, Japan



     8/4-10  International Antalya Open    turkishkarate@gmail.com                
                 Ercument TASDEMIR              
     8/6-10  2014 Camp Shotokan                              Ed Otis
                 Carlsbad, California               e.otis@americanjka.com
     8/30  Top of Texas Karate Championships         Sensei Lee Gray
                 Amarillo, Texas                           lee-gray@shobukan.org   



Itosu-Kai Karate Tournament

Soka University, 1 University Dr, Aliso Viejo, CA 92693

David Crockett


      9/19,20 WIKF Pan American Championships
                   Curacao   details to come 


     10/3-5   Rocky Mountain Gasshuku               Sensei Madani         
                     Granby, Colorado                            imakarate.com


New York Open

Cleve Baxter


Westchester Community College, 75 Grasslands Rd, Valhalla, NY 10595

(914) 665-2752


Hollenbeck Invitational Karate Championship

CSULA, 5151 State University Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Enrique Mares


         10/25    Fonseca Cup                                      info@fonsecamartialarts.com



UCI Collegiate Tournament

UCI, Anteater Recreation Center, 680 California Ave, Irvine, CA

Bruce Nuygen/Chad Eagan



Adlawan Cup Food Drive Tournament

Salgado Community Center, 706 N Newhope, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Pete Mangosing



Tomodachi Cup

Boys & Girls Club of Westminster, 14400 Chestnut St, Westminster, CA 92683

Akira Fukuda


      11/20-26    2014 Hawaii Retreat      info@fonsecamartialarts.com   




       8/15            Wado Kai Karate-Do World Cup
                            Nagoya, Japan